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Huskies Crew Discusses NCAA Grand Finals
Release: 05/25/2001
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May 25, 2001

Anna Mickelson (six seat, varsity eight)

"The key for us, ever since the beginning, has been no expectations. We go out there each time and lay it on the line without holding anything back.

"People always take for granted that the west coast is out there. We have speed. We usually don't race the east coast and hardly with the midwest all season, so maybe people could say they didn't expect it, but nobody really knew anything coming in.

"It was a pretty strong head wind. It was a little bit stronger in our heat than in the one before us. No whitecaps, and actually, it eased a little bit over the last 1,000.

"When we get out there on the line, it's going to be who wants it more? I know Brown is going to come out ready to take off. They are a really fast crew. They will be really strong. Michigan is good. USC we know is good. It's going to be who wants it and who is on. We've been racing for three days now and it's time to put it all on the line."

Head coach Jan Harville (on the varsity eight race)

"We had a very aggressive, controlled race today and did what we needed to do. We were encouraged to see USC win their heat. On one hand, that's a positive reinforcement, but we know that Brown probably hasn't had as many tight races as weve had. Give them a lot of credit. I'm sure they will come back ready to go Saturday.

"People probably are saying, you beat USC and now USC beat Brown, so USC is the favorite but I tell our crew you settle it on the water. We just need to keep doing what weve been doing all year."

Carrie Stasiak (three seat, varsity eight)

"We've had a great season. The crew has bonded really well. We're all good friends. It's been a fun year. I look forward to practice every morning. Its been a great experience to be in the varsity boat. We are all on the same page.

(on grand final race) "It's really exciting to be in this position. It all comes down to one race and its going to be a barnburner. Id love to watch it, but Id love even more to row in it. I think were ready. The three seniors in the boat are really ready. We are looking forward to it."

"It will actually be nice to have USC next us. We know what to expect. It It will be interesting to have Brown there. We are all looking forward to racing them, and Michigan too. Its going to be a good race. Everyone will be gunning for it."

Mary Whipple (coxswain, varsity eight)

"We had a great start. We went on the flag and had a good solid two seats on Princeton during the first start sequence. I think the smallest margin in the race was two seats. We were very much in control and confident through each part of our race. We committed to our moves and we walked on them through our moves. After our moves, we sustained boat speed and kept it under control."

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