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In The Trenches With Zach Tuiasosopo
Release: 09/06/2002
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Sept. 6, 2002

On Sat., Sept. 7 at Husky Stadium, fans will see a Tuiasosopo on offense for the first time since the 2000 season. Don't be confused, however -- this year's Tui is not record-setting quarterback Marques, but rather younger brother Zach, who will make his long-awaited home offensive debut when Washington hosts San Jose State. A linebacker and running back at Woodinville (Wash.) High School, Tuiasosopo worked on the defensive side of the ball in each of his first two seasons at Washington, totaling 41 tackles and a sack in 2001, mostly as the reserve to Kai Ellis at outside linebacker. This spring, Tuiasosopo was moved to fullback in an effort to add depth at the spot, and earned his first offensive start in last week's loss to Michigan. slowed down the redshirt sophomore long enough to hear his opinion on the position switch, G.I. Joe, and whose trophies are biggest on the Tuiasosopo family mantel. You come from a pretty talented family, who would you say is the most talented Tui?
Zach Tuiasosopo: "We all do our part. My older sister, Leslie (a former UW volleyball player and current Husky assistant coach) came through here, my older brother (Marques, now with the NFL's Oakland Raiders) came through, I'm trying to play a sport, plus I've got a couple little brothers and sisters and each of them are trying to do their thing. There's no better one than the other, we all just support each other and do our thing."

GH: What would you be doing now if you weren't playing football?
Tuiasosopo: "I would be hanging out with my family and friends, maybe going to the beach, maybe playing baseball. It's hard to say."

GH: At the beach? In Seattle?
Tuiasosopo: "Well, the lake is nice, with rocks and pebbles for sand. Keep it simple."

GH: What is your favorite sport to sit and watch at home?
Tuiasosopo: "Does it have to be a sport? I like to watch 'That 70's Show' and movies."

GH: Any movie in particular?
Tuiasosopo: "That new one, 'Insomnia' -- that was really good. I also really like 'National Lampoon's Van Wilder.' That was funny. I like comedies."

GH: When you were growing up -- just a little Tuiasasopo -- were you more of a G.I. Joe, Transformers, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan?
Tuiasosopo: "G.I. Joe, I loved them. I had all the vehicles and stuff."

GH: "I'm sure a good-looking guy like yourself had a girlfriend at some point, and she probably made you watch a 'chick flick' with her. Which 'chick flick' was your favorite?
Tuiasosopo: "Hmmm ... chick flick ... I don't know. It's hard to describe a 'chick flick.' I watched one in high school once -- I was forced to! It was 'Runaway Bride' with Julia Roberts."

GH: And?
Tuiasosopo: "And I can't say I hated it. It was entertaining. I got out the tissue and had to step away for a minute because I didn't have the guts to stay there [and cry]."

GH: I'm sure you've played some various college football games on Playstation or XBox, and I'm sure you've checked out the video version of yourself. Does the game accurately portray Zach Tuiasosopo?
Tuiasosopo: "I never use our team, only others. It's just a video game, though, and there's a lot of things different on it. I hear Reggie (Williams) is really good, though."

GH: Who's the most impressive player you've watched or played with?
Tuiasosopo: "I've played a lot of great people. A couple of guys I played against in practice are Ben Mahdavi and Joe Lobendahn. Talk about headaches! They're both fast and they hit hard. In the Pac-10, you've got the chance to play guys that play for the NFL now like Joe Tafoya for Arizona, or guys from our team like Larry Tripplett, Hakim Akbar, Elliot Silvers and Kyle Benn. Those are all special guys."

GH: If you had a 'Celebrity Deathmatch' on the team, who would be the two players involved in it?
Tuiasosopo: "I would say Elliott Zajac and Terry Johnson. I'd throw Greg Carothers in there too, because he would jump in just for the heck of it."

contributing to Steve Hitchcock

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