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Q & A with Hans Gasser
Release: 12/14/2006
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Dec. 14, 2006

The Washington men's basketball team is off to a 7-1 start and ranked 17th in the Associated Press poll. The Huskies play their final three non-conference home games during the next week, hosting Portland State on Saturday (Dec. 16), 12th-ranked LSU on Dec. 20 and Weber State on Dec. 22.

Forward Hans Gasser is one of only two seniors on the team, joining guard Brandon Burmeister. Hans spent a few minutes this week talking with What is the scoop on your recent dental operations?

Hans Gasser: "It was a pain! It started when Spencer hit me, I lost half a tooth and it got stuck in the roof of my mouth. I guess it got infected, so they had to do a root canal right before Southern Utah. That didn't work because it was way up under my nose, so they had to put a valve in."

GoHuskies: Was it painful to play through?

HG: "They said I couldn't be on pain-killing drugs for the game, but afterwards they gave me my fair share of drugs. I had eight shots of novacaine, pain killers, and laughing gas, but even that didn't help too much."

GoHuskies: How much dental work remains?

HG: "I put a wire on it, and I have four more trips to the dentist for about two hours each."

GoHuskies: Are you going to be able to make it home for Christmas?

HG: "Yeah, my parents actually moved from Issaquah to next to Sea-Tac airport on the water."

GoHuskies: How different is the team this year?

HG: "It is definitely different after having all of these NBA guys in here, now it is a bunch of young guys with a ton of talent. Me and Burm (Brandon Burmeister) are the old men on the team, so it is quite a different situation."

GoHuskies: What are your plans after graduation?

HG: "I don't have a clue, I'm just going to play it by ear."

GoHuskies: Do you find yourselves looking ahead to next week's LSU game?

HG: "Not really, after our last game we just kind of need to get out there and get that taste out of our mouth and get the victory first and focus on the big game after that. We're focusing on Portland State."

GoHuskies: At this point in the season, how does this team compare to teams of the past?

HG: "Offensively, we have just as much talent as any team. We can score all over the place. We have good inside scoring and I think the whole thing is coming along great offensively. Defensively, it is a learning process still, since we are so young. In years of the past, we would come in and already know the defense. We would know where to be, and when to be there. This year, it is still a big learning process; we have a lot of guys who still look confused. It will come around pretty shortly I think."

GoHuskies: What game do you look forward to year in and year out?

HG: "Every game in the Pac-10 you look forward to. Especially this year, when we have four teams ranked in the top 25, it is a great league. Every game we are going to have to bring it this year. But, UCLA was in the national championship and are ranked number one, I always look forward to games like that."

GoHuskies: How excited are you to get Bank of America Arena rocking again?

HG: "It will be good to have a big crowd and have it really noisy in here. We have had some games against smaller schools that weren't as exciting. It will be nice to pack it in here." If you had one piece of advice for you freshmen teammates, what would it be?

HG: "That is a tough one. Just stick in there, it will come around."

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