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In The Trenches With Todd Bachert
Release: 09/16/2003
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Sept. 16, 2003

At 6-foot-4 and 300 pounds, it takes a lot to move Todd Bachert. So it's a bit surprising that Bachert has been one of the Huskies most nomadic players over the last four years, sliding back and forth between offensive tackle and center as needed. A graduate of Mission Viejo (Calif.) High School, Bachert began his career as the backup to center Kyle Benn with the 2001 Rose Bowl Champion Huskies. With the graduation of four of five starting linemen from that team, Bachert earned a starting role at tackle the following season, starting all 12 games at the position. The development of an outstanding group of young tackles, however, prompted Bachert to move back to center in 2002, where he started all 13 games for a record-setting UW offense. In the team's 2003 fall camp, though, it was back to tackle, as junior Dan Dicks moved inside to a more comfortable center spot. That lasted all of one game, as Bachert returned to center for Washington's home opener against Indiana. Having trouble keeping up? Well, correspondent Jordan Roy-Byrne put some barbecue in front of Bachert just long enough to slow him down and ask a few questions. You have been moved around a lot on the offensive line. How have you handled that and what are the differences between tackle, guard and center?
Todd Bachert: "When you play center you learn all the other positions, because you have to know where the other linemen are. The inside three (the two guards and center) are very similar, however moving from center to tackle is a big move. It's basically a matter of knowing the technique for each position."

GH: How has all of the moving affected your play, if at all?
Bachert: "I think I played above average against Ohio St. There were definitely a lot of things I could have done better. I wanted to improve against Indiana, and I think I did that. I think our line did as well."

GH: Is there any unusual chatter that goes on right before the ball is snapped?
Bachert: "Every now and then, guys like to run their mouths. We like to let our helmets speak for us, though."

GH: Can you share with us some of the things that you've heard from defensive linemen?
Bachert: (laughs) "Oh man,that's stuff I can't say right now."

GH: I heard that you and your buddies on the o-line all wear shirts that say "Big Belly Crew." Where did you guys get these?
Bachert: (laughs) "Actually, that's a t-shirt company where I'm from in Costa Mesa, Calif. I brought some up here and gave them to the guys. We also have stickers that we put on our trucks."

GH: I also hear that every Thursday before the games, you guys (the o-line) go out for pizza?
Bachert: "Yep, we call it O-line pizza."

GH: Do you feel it's the quarterback's job to buy the offensive linemen pizza?
Bachert: (laughs) "I wish. I'm sure Cody would like to, but he's poor just like us."

GH: Who is the biggest pig of the bunch? Who eats more than they should?
Bachert: (Laughs) "It seems like a different person every week. Usually it's just whoever is hungriest at that time. When you have that many linemen eating pizza, you have to eat fast, because there's not enough to go around."

GH: Does anyone put any unusual toppings on their pizza?
Bachert: "Actually, no. We will eat whatever is in front of us, though."

GH: What's your favorite pizza to eat?
Bachert: "We all like the Meat-Head pizza from Atlantic Street. It has any kind of meat on it that you could think of."

GH: So heading into this week, what are your goals against Idaho?
Bachert: "Just run the ball and put the purple-shirt hurt on them."

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