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Washington vs. USC Post-game Quotes
Release: 02/09/2006
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Feb. 9, 2006

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Postgame Quotes
Washington vs. USC
Bank of America Arena; Seattle, Wash., February 9, 2006


General Comments: "The good news is that we got back on the winning track. The other part of it is, we still didn't do it for 40 minutes. We don't have any options on Saturday. We have to do it for 40 minutes on Saturday. The last 10 minutes we got out of sorts. Brandon (Roy) and Bobby (Jones) had blood on their jerseys, so they had to come out. We were in the zone--they hit a few threes. They got an offensive rhythm going. With that we didn't do a very good job being in sync offensively. They kind of coincided with one another. So I thought the first 30 we did a good job. I thought we made progress, but we have to do a better job on Saturday.

On the starting lineup switch: "The switch was done just to try something different. To create a little bit of chemistry when we started the game, and in the second half."

On the team struggling to play 40 minutes: "Obviously it is frustrating. I have to point back to myself as the head man. I got to make sure we keep striving, and I have to find a way to do it. Tonight wasn't a lack of effort--it was a lack of effort in the last 10 minutes."

On having confidence going into Saturday's game: "I would like to hope so going in. It is a big game for us obviously to come off the road. We took a beating losing three in the manner that we lost them. It was pretty taxing mentally, but it is good to get a win, and get back on that right track and hopefully we will feel a little better about trying to come out and compete on Saturday."


GENERAL REMARKS: "You like to fight, and you hope that you don't surrender and we had a just to surrender. But, I was really pleased that our guys did try to compete until the end. The bottom line is that we got pounded, one more time, on the boards. That is the fourth consecutive game, 14 or above on the glass. That is just too big of a deficit for our team to overcome. We are just going to keep trying to re-adjust without Gabe(Pruitt).

"I felt like the first half we were really trying to find our place, we were very cautious and we turned the ball over too much. We never did a job on (Brandon) Roy, I was hoping that we would do a better job on Roy and a better job on (Jamaal) Williams. We still have an opportunity to split on this trip. That would be a great accomplishment for us at this point, losing Gabe and (RouSean) Cromwell. We are going to fight through and see what we can do with this group."

On Washington's Lineup Change: "I read that, but I knew that the core group is pretty talented and they were going to play extensive minutes. We knew that Williams would be back in there, he had a terrific game against us the first time, and I thought he played very well today."

On Justin Dentmon: I thought Dentmon had a really nice floor game, he really controlled the floor. I thought he did a great job defensively on our guards, and I thought he played consistently."

On Washington: "I still believe they are a top 25 team. This league is getting a bad rap and it shouldn't, because our bottom teams are better. Washington State is a very capable basketball team, it is a tough place to go win, and we are little better than people thought we might be. Oregon State had Arizona down 41-16, when they were healthy they were a formidable opponent. You know, I can understand their three losses, but that is a legitimate top-20 team. They come at you in a lot of different ways, they have a veteran group, some juniors and seniors out there. They play well together, they defended, and I think that they share it and take quality shots."

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