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Washington 37, California 23
Release: 11/17/2007
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Nov. 17, 2007

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham

On the game: "I think our young men played today played probably as consistent of a football game as we've played. The offensive line had control of the football game for most of the day. Louis Rankin did one heck of a job in having his second 200-yard rushing game this year, and Carl Bonnell did a masterful job of running and controlling our offense and not having any turnovers. I think those were the major keys that enabled us to be successful."

On whether Rankin's 224 yards were his own doing or the play of the offensive line: "I thought it was both. All year it has been pretty much been the same. I think on one of those runs late in the third quarter he must have made one hundred moves but it accounted for fifty yards and that's Louis. He does that and it works. It was just great to see him running in good form.

On RB Brandon Johnson's play: "Brandon did an excellent job. He stepped right in [and] had some big runs for us at the end, especially closed out with a couple of first downs and really took (Cal) out of the ballgame."

On whether the game plan coming into the game was to run the ball as much as they did: "I think it evolved that way. We had some new wrinkles that we wanted to try to put out this afternoon. We did those and we think it helped with our run game. The evolution of our offense is that you keep adding things to it that make it just a little bit different. It created a little bit more misdirection today and I think that helped our game. When our offensive line got going and things were heading in that direction there didn't seem to be a need to change."

On how much of an impact the loss of WR DeSean Jackson had on Cal: "I don't think it had much of an impact. Obviously he had a lot of catches in the first quarter, but I also think the other receiver [Lavelle Hawkins] had some catches too. Pretty much their numbers have been split, if I'm correct, all year, I thought coming into the ballgame. So we anticipated that and the thing that you want to do with those guys is keep everything in front of you because we know how explosive they can be."

On Cal electing to kick-off to start both halves: "I think that was an error. I don't think they elected to do that. I think somehow in the conversation with the officials they [California's captains] said the wrong thing. I think they were asked on it twice to make sure that's what they were saying, but I think it was just an error. Sometimes young men do that.

On if the weather influenced early running play calls: "I don't know if the conditions had as much to do with that thought process as it did the opponent. We knew California is a very good offensive team that has a lot of weapons. So in order for us to have success we had to get out to a fast start. We had set our sights to see if we could get out to a 14-0 start on these guys. If we could do that, then we thought we could progress from there and have a chance to win this football game."

On the Husky defense holding Cal to a FG after they had 1st and Goal at the UW three-yard line early in the third quarter: "It was huge. That's what you need from your defense because that helps us keep the momentum. You need to be able to stop their drive and hopefully we can get control of it again and then really put ourselves in command."

On the Huskies scoring a touchdown with 12 seconds left until halftime: "That was huge because you want to be able to get some momentum going [into halftime]. Especially knowing the fact that we had the ball coming back out to start the [second] half. If you can generate something there, then come out in the third quarter and get a score, now you really give yourselves some separation from them."


California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

On what he told his team after the game: "That they weren't coached very well. And that falls on me. We're going to work hard next week to get back on track. We're going to have a good week and get back to the basics. Right now we're not good enough. We're beating ourselves at a lot of things. That falls on me. When there's that many mistakes being made, it's coaching."

On the frustration of turnovers: "You get a chance, you come back, you're in the's just little things. The punt return fumble, turnovers and mistakes to put us in long yard situations, we've just got to get better."

On why Washington received both kickoffs: "Our captain was confused and made a mistake at the beginning of the game. He misunderstood the deferral."

On Nate Longshore: "I thought Nate played well, I really did. I thought Nate threw a lot of nice balls. He really only had one poor ball that slipped off his hand for the interception. But besides that, I thought he was really sharp. I don't know what his numbers were, but I thought he was real sharp."

On feeling like Washington set the tone: "We couldn't stop the run, obviously. They ran for 300 something yards against us. Malele was out at the beginning of the game and he didn't play. We just had a hard time holding up against the run. Anytime someone runs the ball like that against you, it's going to be a long day. You have to give them credit. Their offensive line blocked very well, their back ran very well. He has great vision and great speed. You have to give them credit. They did a nice job."

On DeSean Jackson's thigh contusion: "It's pretty swollen. He obviously couldn't play in the second half. It's nothing that serious. Hopefully with some rehab and some treatment he can bounce back and be ready for the Stanford game."

On differences between the beginning of the season and now: "The fault has got to fall somewhere and I'm not going to point the finger at the kids. I'll take the responsibility on my shoulders. Turnovers and mistakes are killing us. We've got to find a way to stop that. The only way I know how to stop it is to try to coach better.


Washington Wide Receiver Anthony Russo

On the punt return: "I did not step out. I made sure I didn't step out. One of the coaches from Cal came up to me after the game and said I did a good job of staying in-bounds."

On Louis Rankin: "Our line has been a doing a great job this whole season. Louis has 1,000 yards now and Jake will too if he comes back. Our receivers are making sure to hold our blocks downfield so everybody is doing their job. If we win, I don't care, we don't have to pass the ball."

On how big the win was: "It means a lot. It really shows what we can do as a team. We wanted to stop the run, that's what we did. We want to run the ball like crazy, that's what we did. We did exactly what we want to do gameplan-wise."

On the defense: "Our defense stepped up too. They've been stepping up the past few weeks because they were tired of people talking about them. Our defensive line kept getting in the backfield and hitting the backs. It was a team win."

On Washington State: "We're ready for these guys. We're always ready for the Cougars. It's a normal schedule and we're just going to get right back to work."

Washington Kicker Ryan Perkins

On his career-long 45-yard field goal: "It was weird that just before that series there was no wind. When I walked out there it was the first time there was actually a gust against us. I remembering thinking to myself, `you're really going to have to put a foot into this one.' I haven't really tried any long field goals like that. I hit it pretty good and it had a nice rotation, so wind or not, it went in."

On the 19-yard field goal: "I think it was a high snap and Carl had to reach for it. I stutter-stepped into one of my steps and just hit it as hard as I could."

On the feeling in the locker room: "It's ecstatic. There is such a feeling of accomplishment after a long week and we just feel so good about it. Last week no one said a word after the Oregon State game, but today everyone is talking and having fun."

Washington Quarterback Jake Locker

On the offense: "I thought they did a really good job. The guys up front really carried us today. The running backs ran really hard. I thought Carl managed the game pretty well. He made plays when he needed to and he didn't make any mistakes."

On not playing: "I don't think I ever had to watch a game in high school. I don't remember ever having to watch a game that I could've played in [and wasn't red-shirting]. But it was fun today. We were playing well all day so I just tried to encourage the guys."

On Louis Rankin: "We all knew that he was that type of back at the start of the year. He's exploding now and showing everybody what he is capable of doing. It's a lot of fun to sit back and watch and see him run as well as he can. I'm really happy for him. Louis is a great guy and we've gotten a lot closer this year."

On the defense: "Their second half was unbelievable. They only scored a field goal in the second half. That's huge. When we were running the ball like we were and the defense was playing like that, it makes it really hard for the other team to win. Any time they make a stop it gives us momentum and confidence."

Washington Safety Darrin Harris

On the defense: "We just came to play. We had a bad game against Arizona a while back and we've been trying to prove ourselves the last couple of games and we did that. We've gotten sick of losing so we came to play. Everyone is happy and this is how it is supposed to feel after every game. I came to the University of Washington to win. It's supposed to feel like it does right now."

Washington Cornerback Roy Lewis

On whether Cal players getting hurting changed anything: "Not at all, besides the fact that we contributed to guys being out. We went out there and put big hits on guys and they had to leave the game early.

On playing well in the second half: "We went into this game with the mindset that we were going to finish this thing this time. We came out on fire in the first half and we came out on fire in the second half. It's definitely a confidence-booster. This is what we are capable of doing every game. The coaching staff did a great job of preparing us this week and we did a great job on the field. The game was in our hands from the beginning."

On next week in the Apple Cup: "It's the 100th Apple Cup. It's the game of the year here. The Apple Cup is a whole different mindset and the week before doesn't matter. We expect them to play for everything. (WSU QB Alex) Brink is going to throw the ball and hope his receivers make plays. We have to go out there and play good, sound football."


Cal Wide Receiver Robert Jordan

On frustrating mistakes: "Yeah, it's pretty frustrating we just have to get our confidence back up. It's not hard to tell that we didn't deserve to win today. We gave the ball up three times, to their zero and the games that we did lose, that's why. We just have to get our confidence back and I'm pretty sure we'll be all right. We've got a big game and we have to get ready for that."

On areas that need improvement: "We have to work harder. We have to clean up mistakes. (Tedford's) always going to have a positive attitude and everything, but we have to get our confidence back. That's the main thing. We didn't get it done today as a team, it wasn't anyone's fault."

On Coach Tedford's intense post game talk: "That's the business. No one takes it personal and what he's saying is right. We just have to clean it up and try and do something about it."

On this week's practice: "This one kind of caught me off guard because I felt we had a really good practice and I don't know what happened. We just couldn't get it done today as a unit. It wasn't one thing."

On bye week: "The bye week is a killer on our momentum. But that's no excuse we've got to get it done. Earlier in the season we were exploding on people we weren't just trying to play to keep it close, we were trying to blow people out of the water and I think we've got to get back to doing that."

On lack of confidence: "Early in the game they scored the first two drives and I looked around and everyone was down. We brought it back up to about 21-20, but I can tell that we're having confidence problems."

Cal Safety Thomas DeCoud

On coin toss: "I just had a brain fart. They deferred and I decided to kick and kind of messed us up. We had to kick twice. It was just a brain fart."

On turnovers and other mistakes: "It gets kind of bad. We haven't had any personal fouls in a couple games and we had a few today. That definitely hurt us today and turnovers were a big part of the game. That one turnover they had that gave them the ball and they had good field positioning, and they got a score on that drive."

On Washington's offense: "The O-Line was blocking well and their running backs were getting in the holes. We had to come up and get them on the ground so we could line up to play again."

On post-game talk: "Just go back to the drawing board and work hard and get this win that we need to get. We have to come out next week, we have a bye, but he said we're going to keep working hard and practice like we do have a game next week. We're going to get better and turn this thing around."

On if Tedford's post-game intensity was unusual: "He's more animated than you think. He talks to us; he's kind of a different guy around us. He's definitely frustrated just like everyone else and we need to figure something out to get back on track."

On loss of confidence: "Not so much confidence, but showing our confidence on the field. We've never doubted ourselves or doubted anyone on our team, but just showing that we have that confidence and going out there and playing like we know we can."

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