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Washington 42, California 10
Release: 12/05/2009
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Dec. 5, 2009

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Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian
"I'm really proud of our football team. We've been challenging these guys for 365 days now. Our first team meeting was a year ago this coming Monday and thinking back on that time and where this program was and where those kids were mentally, to where they are tonight in that locker room, it's really something pretty special as a first year head football coach. I'm proud of our staff for continuing to battle and I'm proud of these kids. This was not an easy season by any means. There was a lot of adversity that came our way and a lot of excruciating losses that these kids had to deal with. They could have easily folded up the tents and reverted back to what they were before and they just battled every single day. They battled day in and day out and got better every single day.

"For me, coming off last week's game with the shutout and all the things that came out of it - first shutout in 12 years, first shutout in the Apple Cup in 45 years - I'll be the first to tell you, I was concerned about the way we might respond this week and what we were really playing for. The challenge was to hopefully send a message of where this program is headed and I think we responded amazingly. These kids are extremely resilient, they battled, they competed and I'm so happy for our senior class. To think of what these guys have endured the last four or five years, to have these moments, to have last Saturday and this Saturday, to have a win against USC, those are memories that will last a lifetime and no one can ever take that for them. I'm just very proud of everyone involved in our football program right now. We got a lot accomplished but we obviously still have a lot of work to do. I'd just like to have a couple fourth-and-ones on the goal line and you never know where we might be today."

On Daniel Te'o-Nesheim breaking the school sack record:
"He deserves it. If anyone on our football team or anyone in this conference deserves a record, it's Daniel Te'o-Nesheim. There's not a guy who practices harder than him, there's not a guy more dedicated to a program than Daniel. He deserves everything he gets and he's going to have a fine pro career ahead of him because he's going to earn his way. He might not be the highest draft pick but he's going to earn his way to playing in the National Football League for 10 years."

On second play pass from Bruns to Kearse:
"The reality was, that was supposed to be our first play of the game, but I just wasn't feeling very comfortable with our field position on the first play. When we got to second down, I thought we gotta go for it. We've never been hesitant in anything we've done here. We've been aggressive in everything we've done and will continue to be, so I didn't want to waver. I went with it on the second play, Cody (Bruns) made a nice throw and it was a heck of a play by Jermaine Kearse. He set the tone tonight. The guy made two great catches to start the thing off and get things rolling."

On the majority of throws going Kearse's way early:
"There were some things designed for him. We liked the match up with him and he came through again. He has tremendous ball skills when the ball is in the air. He's long and he has the ability to high point the football as good or better as anyone I've been around."

On the crowd chanting "one more year" for Jake Locker:
"You didn't hear me? I was chanting it too. You know, we've talked about this for what feels like three months now and nothing is going to change tonight. Jake and I are going to meet on Monday and we're going to start going through the information. There's no rush. He's got plenty of time and we're going to do this thing the right way so that he feels great about what he decides to do."

On how good the offense can be if Locker returns:
"I think we can be electric. I think we're coming into our own. It was great that Mykenna Ikehara got his first start at center tonight and played fantastic against a great defensive line. We're very young. We lose two guys. We're a very young offense that continued to grow throughout the season and tonight we showed some explosiveness that we can continue to grow on."

Washington Linebacker Mason Foster
On this week's preparation and practice:
"We just knew that guys were going to be leaving our team after today, and everyone wants to leave on top. We wanted to show everyone what we could do, and the seniors wanted to end their career on top so everyone was practicing as hard as they could."

Sending a message to the Pac-10:
"Definitely I think that we showed that we can play through anything. We had a couple of tough losses this season, but we showed that we can bounce back and still win games."

On containing Cal's offense:
"Everybody did their job and made plays when they needed to make plays. I thought that Donald [Butler] and Daniel [Te'o-Nesheim] had great games, and that is what pushed us over the top."

Washington Fullback Paul Homer
Final game as a Husky:
"It was great. 42-10. Last time Cal came up here we beat them up, and I reminded people of that this year. We needed to come into this game knowing we were going to win and we did, we beat them up again. Our defense played great. Our underclassmen they really stepped it up for us all season, but especially this game. I really think that this game meant a lot to them."

One message you want to leave the underclassmen:
"Keep playing hard. Don't quite. Nobody ever quite this year. We played hard all season, and even after tough losses we came back and played even harder. That's what I want the underclassmen to remember."

Sending a message to the Pac-10:
"Definitely. We beat USC and Arizona this year and they were at the top of the Pac-10. We just beat Cal who is a very good ranked team, and we pretty much played everybody close this season. This team is going to keep going up and people are going to have to respect the Huskies."

Washington Receiver James Johnson
On this week's practice:
"I think that more importantly than anything it is our last game and everybody is getting excited to play and we wanted to send our seniors out on a good note and that is what we did."

On what you learned from the seniors:
"I think that one thing I learned most from the seniors is that me being a freshman I have to learn to go out there and be consistent on every down. Donald Butler, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Ben Ossai, those guys are consistent every game. I loved all the guys that left, and we learned a lot from them. I am going to miss all of those guys dearly."

On the message the team sent this game:
"I think so. I think a lot of teams are going to have to respect us more next year. Other teams aren't going to go into a game and just expect to win. They are going to know we are going to fight every second of the game to win. I think that is what we showed the rest of the Pac-10 this season."

On the success of the passing game:
"I think we just executed. This was one of the few years that we just executed each play and finished the game. It wasn't just our offense. It was the offense, defense and special teams. We executed and finished the game today."

California Head Coach Jeff Tedford
On Jermaine Kearse:
"We knew he's a dangerous guy and he got deep on us a couple of time and made good plays on the ball. Locker put the ball where it needed to be to be caught. Give him a lot of credit."

On the Husky pass rush:
"They did a nice job of pressuring us. Kevin had to pull it down a lot. They played really hard. They had a nice scheme coming after us and from time to time they beat. Again, give them credit, they played very well today."

On whether the offense lost momentum after only getting three points in first two drives:
"No. The game is still early at that point. There's a lot of football left. Anytime you don't get points when you get down there, obviously you want to score. But still, there was a lot of football left and I don't think anyone was discouraged by anything at that [point]."

On the Cal defense:
"Washington had a great game plan. They got guys 1-on-1 at times and they won the 1-on-1 matchups. When we did put pressure on Jake he pulled it down and made big plays with his legs. Like we talked about going into the game, they design plays for Jake to run the ball and he does an excellent job with that and he can improvise when things break down. He did that do us tonight."

California Defensive Back Sean Cattouse
On the game

"We gave up too much early. They play calls were good, I think it was just a few one-on-one opportunities where we got beat. We gave up too much too often early and couldn't get back on top."

On the Washington big plays early
"A few times we got beaten, a few times it was miscommunication, so it was between us. It wasn't bad play calls."

On Jake Locker
"I think we did decent job. I've seen him do a lot worse to other teams with his feet this year...I think we contained him decent enough."

California Quarterback Kevin Riley
On the game

"They beat us. Offensively, the first two drives we got down there but we didn't get any touchdowns. After that, they did a good job of disrupting our passing game with some pressures they brought. I was missing throws. Late in the game we couldn't take care of the ball. We didn't play well and they did."

On the surprise loss after playing Stanford so well
"I'm very surprised. We had a good bye week of practice and a good week of practice this week, and didn't think [the game] was going to happen like that...They're a good team, and I don't think people were looking past this game, it just wasn't a very good effort on our part."

California Linebacker Mike Mohamed
On the mood in the locker room

"We're a little down right now. Obviously, that's not how we expected to play. We expected to come in here and win, but they just played a great game. They beat us in every aspect, and they deserved to win."

On the Husky offense
"They had a lot of formations, motions, and shifts, and I think that threw us off a little bit. And Locker played a great game throwing and running. Our defense was just too porous today. We just gave up too many yards."

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