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Gaddy Blog: Humbling Trip To Senegal
Release: 09/09/2012
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Senegal was fun and we had a lot of different experiences. The weather was very hot and humid in Africa and just seeing the way of life was very different. It was really nice though and a fun experience.

Seeing how the people of Senegal live up close and personal was way different than you might see in the movies or TV. We went to Aziz's house on Friday and even that was a humbling experience. A lot of things you see in Senegal make you not want to take for granted things back home. Something as simple as clean water, having clean surroundings, having clothes and shoes; you don't think about that at home. In Senegal, you see people struggling just to get stuff like that and it was humbling experience to witness.

We started the trip with a safari. That was really cool to see all the different animals. Everybody was taking pictures and videos and seemed to have a good time.

After that, we went to the Aziz's SEEDS Academy. Going to the SEEDS Academy was a very fun experience for me. I got involved and participated by teaching the kids some dribbling drills. They enjoyed it and were very attentive. They were trying to learn and be the best they could be. They went hard and I think it was a great experience.

That is a great program for them. A lot of kids don't get that opportunity, but those kids in the clinic are just trying to do the best they can and get an education so they can graduate from high school. Most of us back home take it for granted that they are going to graduate from high school, so it's was just another eye-opening experience.

It was also really enjoyable being able to see Aziz come back there. He's kind of like a prince. They all love him and he is a success story from the academy.

On our last day, we went to Goree Island, a former slave trade island. I really wanted to go there with open eyes and learn some history. It was definitely a different experience to see where all the slaves lived. We ended up learning lot and I think everybody took a lot back home from that experience.

We then returned to the hotel, packed, ate and went to our Senegalese guide's house and chilled for a couple hours waiting for our flight. I watched a movie and played pool. We really had a lot of time to kill before we got on the plane.

I've never had a travel day like we did today. It was around 22 hours of flying and layovers. I slept the entire five hours from Senegal to Paris and then slept five hours on the Paris to Seattle flight. I ended up getting more sleep than I would a normal night.

I am just glad to be home. It was an experience that I enjoyed and I will never forget, but I am so glad to be home.


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