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In the Trenches with Cody Pickett
Release: 09/11/2002
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Sept. 11, 2002

In just over one full season, junior quarterback Cody Pickett has established himself as one of Washington's elite passers of all-time. Pickett already owns three of Washington's top-10 records for passing yards in a single game, including a school-record 455-yard output in a 2001 win over Arizona. In that game, Pickett's first since completely separating his right (throwing) shoulder against USC, he also ran in the game-winning touchdown from 13 yards out in the final seconds. With nearly two full seasons of eligibility remaining, Pickett has a chance to surpass Brock Huard for Washington's career passing yards mark. Here's what the former team rodeo champion had to say about his season and why Jerry Rice is the one receiver he'd love to have on the field. Is it daunting holding three of the top-10 single-game passing records for UW?
Cody Pickett: "That's something I really don't think about right now. When I get older and away from college, that's something to look back on and be proud of, but right now my main focus is trying to get wins. I'm not really worried about the statistics."

GH: Who's the best defensive lineman or secondary player you've gone head to head with?
Pickett: "I don't know if I could single out one. I would say Miami's whole defensive line. The best DB would be the Miami secondary, all of them."

GH: What kinds of things do defensive players say to try and take you out of your game?
Pickett: "That's not really something I pay attention to. I've got so many other things to think about, that I sometimes don't even see the guys' faces on defense. Teammates will say, 'Hey, did you hear that guy talking trash?' I'm really just blocking that out because I have too many other things to think about."

GH: What's in your CD player right now?
Pickett: "Right now it's Jermaine Dupree, the 'Introductions' CD. I listen to everything, though. I love country, that's what'll be in my CD player before games. I like George Strait, Randy Travis, and Brooks and Dunn."

GH: Where in Idaho are you from?
Pickett: "Caldwell, baby -- 'C-town.' It's right next to Boise, with a population around 26,000. It was cool; you've got the city right there, and all kinds of things to do."

GH: So the big city of Seattle doesn't really get to you too much?
Pickett: "Nah, not at all. I traveled a lot as a little kid, and have been to a lot of places. Seattle's a place I like."

GH: Do you ever get homesick?
Pickett: "I definitely get homesick! More so as a freshman, but I still do. More than being homesick, even, it's really that when I get to go home it's a good feeling to be able to relax a little bit."

GH: What pro player would you most like to throw to?
Pickett: "I'd have to say Jerry Rice, because he's a legend of a receiver."

GH: You're a pretty clean-cut guy, but I notice you've got a little beard going on there. Are you trying to grow a "Fu Man Chu?"
Pickett: "It's just that I shave on the weekends and not during the week, because a fresh shave on a chinstrap doesn't feel very good. I kind of let it do whatever during the week. It's not a good feeling out at practice when you have your chinstrap running all over your chin."

GH: So this isn't a move to impress the ladies?
Pickett: "No, not at all."

GH: But there are plenty of ladies to impress ...
Pickett: (laughs) "Don't you worry about that."

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