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Huskies at the San Diego Crew Classic
Release: 04/08/2001
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April 8, 2001


Monique Chung - Novice women's coxswain
"We had a false start by Washington State. They crashed into Stanford. We had to restart. Our first start was so good. The girls were all nervous and got a bit flustered. We shot out of there on our second start. We were out ahead with Washington State, just the two of us. Everyone else was behind us. At the 1,000, we were in the middle of WSU's boat and still couldn't shake them off. We pulled through them in the last 500 meters. It was a good opening, big, strong race for the novice women."

Chris O'Brien - Freshman men's coxswain
"We had a solid start. We were up about six seats off the start and just continued to walk through from there. Around the first 500, Cal started to fight back and took about two seats back. We rallied though, got our rhythm and took it away. We held Cal at length the whole way down the course. We had good solid power."

Romany McNamara - women's junior varsity seven seat
"It was a great race. We were expecting a fight with Virginia. We were close all the way down. We had an excellent race. We were up off the start and settled into an aggressive rhythm and took it home in the last 500 meters.

Anne Hessburg - women's junior varsity coxswain "We had the adrenaline flowing from the start. We hit it hard right at `go' and took it all the way to the finish. It was a battle with Virginia all they way to the finish. It was really close in the middle 1,000. We were only up by two or three seats, but we really committed to it in the last 500 and took it home."

Ryan Marks - men's junior varsity coxswain
"We had a much better start than Saturday. We hung right with Cal. About 300 meters down, once we hit our body pace we got into a sweet that carried us right past them. It wasn't our start and it wasn't our sprint that won it today, it was all the body of our race. That's what did it. Once we hit our race pace, there was nothing that was going to stop us. We committed to both our moves. We took a big move at the 500 and a big move at the 1,000. Both of them got us seats and as soon as we saw Cal bring it up to a sprint, we went with them and didn't let them get a thing."

Mary Whipple - women's varsity coxswain
"At the 1,000 we had their bow deck. During the third 500, they took a half boat on us. We were at their seat around 750. Coming into the final 500, we were even, seat for seat. Systematically, they worked their way up during the third 500. "We learned a lesson today about not shortening up. It was a good race for us to build from. We had a fantastic first 1,000. We did what we had to do, very clean and aggressive. The third 500, we got a little shaky. Coming into the last 500, we were still strong. We regrouped from our third 500 and has we took the rate up, we started to shorten up. We weren't letting boat run as much as we should have. "We are definitely disappointed but it's motivation for the next four weeks."

Jan Harville - head women's coach
(on the varsity eight race) "They got us in the third 500. We just had to keep fighting and fighting and fighting. It gives us some things to work on. "Coming into this, we figured USC would be the toughest, without knowing how anyone else was doing. We weren't surprised by USC. We suspected it might be between ourselves and USC. That was our tentative race plan anyway. I could see how other people might be surprised, since they have a club level history. But now that they are a varsity sport, they are contenders just like Michigan and Michigan State and Virginia, schools that were never rowing powers. That's the beauty of gender equity and Title IX is bringing great opportunities to a lot of programs that are going to contend for the top. They are making that top level even higher."

Bob Ernst - head men's coach (on the varsity eight) "They had a good row. That's about as fast as we can go right now. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Cal has a great crew. Our guys came here to win. They thought they had a decent row."

Tim Lewis - varsity men's coxswain
"We got off the line clean and settled right into our rhythm 30 strokes in. We rowed the body of the course at 34 strokes a minute. We had a move in the first 1,000 that worked really well. The boat picked up nicely. We were able to maintain our length the entire way down the course. We just let Cal slip away in the middle 1,000. We made a really good, strong push in the last 500. We were shifting the rate up and taking the boat with us really well. Cal was better than us today. They got us. But this is a really good step for us, because it's the best race we've had all year. I'm happy with they guys and proud of them. It's all going to lead to good things."

Eleanor McElvaine - novice women's coach "I was extemely pleased with the novice's performance. They took a very stressful situation (Saturday's harsh weather and delays) and made sure it improved their game instead of the stress taking away from their effort. To come back in the final and be able to handle those nerves - that's something we take very seriously in training, preparing our rowers to handle the stress of competiton. This group did very well."

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