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Washington Men & Czech Women Win Windermere Cup Races
Release: 05/07/2005
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May 7, 2005

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SEATTLE - The Washington men's varsity eight crew registered a seven-seat victory and the Czech Republic national team won the women's main event, Saturday at the 19th-annual Windermere Cup Regatta on the Montlake Cut.

The schedule included an exhibition pairs race called the Olympic Challenge Cup. Four members of the United States' eight that won the 2004 Olympic gold medal competed in a match race. The tandem of Bryan Volpenhein and former UW rower Matt Deakin, both serving as intern coaches for the Huskies, posted a winning time of 6-minutes, 48.06-seconds. They edged their former Olympic crewmates Beau Hoopman and Daniel Beery who finished in 6:48.83.

All of the Olympic rowers were impressed with the volume of noise created by the tens of thousands of spectators lining the intimate Montlake course.

"It is a lot like Henley in England, but its more compact, the boats are bigger, and the water is a little bit tougher," Volpenhein explained. "It's a lot of fun, people are really excited and it gets really loud."

The large crowd sandwiched the entire 2,000-meter course both from the shore and in boats for the Opening Day festivities celebrating the start of boating season. Another throng viewed the races from the unique aerial vantage point of the Montlake Bridge that hovers across the Cut, 300 meters from the finish line.

The partisan crowd inspired the Husky crews to win seven of the 10 races in which they were entered.

Washington's fourth-ranked men's varsity eight crew won the men's Windermere Cup trophy for the fourth straight season and the 14th time in the last 15 years. UW owned a one-seat lead over No. 9 Cornell at the 500-meter mark with the Czech Republic under-23 national team another seat back. The Huskies gained two more seats by the midway point and sustained that lead while the Czechs overtook Cornell at the 1,200-meter mark. UW's closing sprint stretched the margin to seven seats at the finish. The Huskies finished in 5:41.70, followed by the Czechs in 5:44.50 and Cornell in 5:49.72.

"We were ahead from stroke one. We settled down into our rhythm and just consistently walked away in the first 1,000," described senior coxswain Stephen Hertzfeld, making his maiden voyage with the Husky varsity eight. He was moved into UW's top crew late in the week after directing the junior varsity during the season's first three regattas. "We took one seat at a time. We never really had a big move where we just took a whole lot."

The Czech Republic women won their second Windermere Cup title in as many tries. A national crew from Czechoslovakia won the women's featured race during a 1991 visit to Seattle. Washington got a fast start and raced to a two-seat lead after 500 meters. The Czechs quickly overtook UW and led by nearly a boat length at the 1,000-meter mark. The margin continued to increase en route to an impressive open-water triumph and a winning time of 6:23.44. The 12th-ranked Huskies finished in 6:32.17 and No. 25 Cornell in 6:39.23.

"The Czech Republic crew was made up of the best girls that they have in the country," said No. 6 seat Sarah Hubbard, a sophomore at UW. "We went out there and tried to stay settled. We had a good start. The start was very aggressive, which is what we needed to do. We got off the water and didn't win, but we are focusing on what we did improve on and what we need to work on."

Washington's junior varsity eight men remained undefeated, walking past Cornell in the final 500 meters to clock a time of 5:49.92. The Big Red finished in 5:54.61 and the Huskies' freshman eight was third in 5:58.03.

UW's second boat, which features three rowers and a coxswain who have appeared in the men's varsity shell at some point this year, notched its seventh straight Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup triumph. It wasn't as easy as the near five-second differential would suggest. The Huskies trailed by half a boat-length three-quarters into the race before covering the final 500 meters seven seconds faster than Cornell.

The Huskies reclaimed the women's Cascade Cup, avenging last season's loss to Washington State that snapped a 13-year winning streak by the UW junior varsity eight from 1991-2003. The Huskies stormed out to the lead and went wire-to-wire to post a winning time of 6:39.72. The Cougars were second in 6:44.25 and Western Washington third in 7:04.11.

Four other Washington crews were victorious, including the men's and women's varsity fours. The men's freshman eight competition was won by Washington's second boat as the top frosh crew raced in the junior varsity event. A Husky crew crossed the finish line first in the men's open eight race.

Gonzaga won the women's novice eight event with a time of 6:57.61, edging second-place Washington (6:58.61) and third-place WSU (7:03.49).

The most impressive performance by a non-collegiate team was turned in by the Lake Washington Rowing Club, a winner of three events. Lake Washington won the women's open eight race among a field that included UW and Western Washington, along with victories in the master's mixed-eight races for 30-year-old and 50-year-old rowers.

The Huskies begin postseason competition next week at the Pac-10 Championships, Sunday, May 15 in Rancho Cordova, Calif.

Saturday, May 7, 2005
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.
(all races were 2,000 meters)

Men's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Washington 5:41.70. 2, Czech Republic 5:44.50. 3, Cornell 5:49.72.
UW lineup -- cox-Stephen Hertzfeld, stroke-Kiel Petersen, 7-Dusan Nikolic, 6-Aljosa Corovic, 5-Colin Phillips, 4-Brett Newlin, 3-Giuseppe Lanzone, 2-Kyle Larson, bow-Ante Kusurin.
Czech lineup -- cox-Jan Zbrojka, stroke-Michal Plesko, 7-Jakub Friedberger, 6-Tomas Patera, 5-Jakub Zof, 4-Jan Gruber, 3-Miroslav Holecek, 2-Jakub Kral, bow-Ondrej Hlavicka.
Cornell lineup -- cox-Ryan Howard, stroke-Starling Childs, 7-Adam Eschner, 6-Tobin Ireland, 5-Tyler Davis, 4-Joshua Conlon, 3-Andrew Meyer, 2-Philip Moser, bow-David Biel.

Women's Windermere Cup (Varsity Eight)
1, Czech Republic 6:23.44. 2, Washington 6:32.17. 3, Cornell 6:39.23.
UW lineup -- cox-Dana Ryan, stroke-Courtney Plitt, 7-Kara Farquharson, 6-Sarah Hubbard, 5-Allison DePalma, 4-Megan Kalmoe, 3-Janelle Dubbins, 2-Olivia Morrow, bow-Marah Connole.
Czech lineup -- cox-Marie Hermanska, stroke-Irena Neffeova, 7-Libuse Bruncvikova, 6-Miroslava Knapkova, 5-Jitka Antosova, 4-Pavlina Zizkova, 3-Zaneta Smejkalova, 2-Veronika Jakubkova, bow-Gabriela Varekova.
Cornell lineup -- cox-Jill Legault, stroke-Tucker Ewing, 7-Shannon Caron, 6-Areal Candalaresi, 5-Kathleen Walsh, 4-Alexa Olson, 3-Sarah Greer, 2-Michelle Furbacher, bow-Julie Aceti.

Olympic Challenge Cup (Coxless Pairs)
1, United States #1 6:48.06. 2, United States #2 6:48.83.
U.S. #1 lineup -- stroke-Bryan Volpenhein, bow-Matt Deakin.
U.S. #2 lineup -- stroke-Daniel Beery, bow-Beau Hoopman.

Men's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Junior Varsity Eight)
1, Washington JV 5:49.92. 2, Cornell 5:54.61. 3, Washington freshmen 5:58.03.
UW JV lineup -- cox-Greg King, stroke-Tyler Smith, 7-Scott Schmidt, 6-Cooper Lange, 5-Martin Rogulja, 4-Jacob Pettit, 3-Matt Kopicky, 2-Scott Gault, bow-Evan Galloway.
UW freshman lineup -- cox-Dean Pearson, stroke-Rob Gibson, 7-Toby Dankbaar, 6-Steve Full, 5-Christopher Aylard, 4-Andrew Beaton, 3-Thomas McCrea, 2-Luke Carney, bow-Derek DeVries.

Women's Erickson Memorial Cascade Cup (Junior Varsity Eight)
1, Washington 6:39.72. 2, Washington State 6:44.25. 3, Western Washington 7:04.11.
UW lineup -- cox-Eva Anderson, stroke-Michael Kohan, 7-Liz Simenstad, 6-Sanda Hangan, 5-Amanda Jensen, 4-Alina Tabacaru, 3-Gemma Edward-Aron, 2-Andrew Sooter, bow-Katie Gardner.

Men's Freshman Eight
1, Washington 6:08.77. 2, Gonzaga 6:14.02. 3, Western Washington 6:32.36.
UW lineup -- cox-Rianna Rowley, stroke-James Franck, 7-Kip Nordby, 6-Chase Stoudt, 5-Christopher Matel, 4-Drew Fowler, 3-Jason Airey, 2-Aston Tennefoss, bow-David Marshall.

Women's Novice Eight
1, Gonzaga 6:57.61. 2, Washington "A" 6:58.61. 3, Washington State 7:03.49. 4, Western Washington 7:08.69. 5, Washington "B" 7:18.34.
UW "A" lineup -- cox-Alysha Koorji, stroke-Jamie Unwin, 7-Ashley Jones, 6-Britany Jackson, 5-Carlene Franklin, 4-Kim Armstrong, 3-Kristen Dwyer-O'Connor, 2-Noelle Broom, bow-Taryn Langlois.
UW "B" lineup - cox-Laura Holcomb, stroke-Gillian White, 7-Brittney Pierce, 6-Erika Sweet, 5-Jessica Fernen, 4-Iva Dermendjieva, 3-Adrienne Branca, 2-Danielle Berz, bow-Sandra Vogel.

Boy's Junior Club Eight
1, Mount Baker Crew 6:02.55. 2, Green Lake Crew 6:07.13. 3, Everett Rowing Association 6:11.17. 4, Victoria City 6:14.89.

Boy's High School Eight
1, Shawnigan Lake 6:05.36. 2, Brentwood 6:12.11. 3, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:13.16. Rose City Rowing 6:14.14.

Girl's Junior Club Eight
1, Everett Rowing Association 6:35.55. 2, Green Lake Crew 6:40.03. 3, Victoria City 6:43.69. 4, Burnaby Lake 6:44.58.

Girl's High School Eight
1, Holy Names Academy 6:53.22. 2, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:57.58. 3, Rose City Rowing 6:57.73. 4, Brentwood 7:23.92.

Men's Open Eight
1, Washington "A" 6:04.75. 2, Puget Sound 6:05.98. 3, Washington "B" 6:24.77.
UW "A" lineup -- cox-Micah Perrin, stroke-Joe Martinez, 7-Jamie Buchan, 6-Jon Engel, 5-Malik Bawwab, 4-Sam Greene, 3-Brett Carlson, 2-Kevin Bacha, bow-Rhyne Dengenis.
UW "B" lineup -- cox-William Levin, stroke-William Teal, 7-Jonathan Robinson, 6-Brig Dengenis, 5-John Marquart, 4-Paul Beck, 3-Conor Keenan, 2-Ryan Huntoon, bow-Joseph DeVleming.

Women's Open Eight
1, Lake Washington Rowing Club 6:49.98. 2, Washington "A" 6:57.89. 3, Western Washington 7:17.25. 4, Washington "B" 7:21.36.
UW "A" lineup -- cox-Stephanie Brog, stroke-Julie Rossman, 7-Megan Blanton, 6-Anne Buher, 5-Stephanie Martin, 4-Leslie Hansen, 3-Karen Magnuson, 2-Victoria Gibson, bow-Alaina Garrie.
UW "B" lineup -- cox-Ciara Huntington, stroke-Nicole Madison, 7-Jamie Storm, 6-Betsy Page, 5-Kara Mulflur, 4-Kelsey Whitcomb, 3-Kristine Gauthier, 2-Tracy Turnure, bow-Kailey Harem.

Women's Varsity Four
1, Washington "A" 7:20.50. 2, Washington State 7:28.44. 3, Oregon 7:35.55.
UW lineup -- cox: Katie Peyer, stroke-Katie Anderson, 3-Asiha Grigsby, 2-Erin Lee, bow-Katherine Ramos.

Men's Varsity Four
1, Washington "A" 6:37.36. 2, Washington "B" 6:45.00. 3, Old Boys 6:49.59. 4, Oregon 6:52.92.
UW "A" lineup -- cox: Mary Katherine Langlais, stroke-Thomas Schlenker, 3-Craig Tyler, 2-Adam Van Winkle, bow-Dustin Kraus.
UW "B" lineup -- cox: Kelsey Florence, stroke-Peter McCorkell, 3-David Edward-Aron, 2-Nic Wolfe, bow-Alan Oriard.

Women's Coxed Eight (over 60)
1, Martha's Moms 7:35.61. 2, Seattle Yacht Club 7:42.16. 3, Sammamish Rowing Association 8:40.11.

Women's Coxed Eight (over 40)
1, Conibear Rowing Club 7:20.80. 2, Lake Union Crew 7:29.44. 3, Green Lake Crew 7:47.95. 4, Sammamish Rowing Association 7:55.42.

Men's Coxed Eight (over 50)
1, Pocock Rowing Center 6:43.23. 2, Willamette Rowing Club 6:49.94. 3, Vashon Island Rowing Club 7:01.47. 4, Mount Baker Crew 7:20.84.

Mixed Coxed Eight (over 50)
1, Lake Washington Rowing Club 6:40.59. 2, PRC and CR 6:47.92. 3, Green Lake Crew 7:10.44. 4, Mount Baker Crew 7:17.52.

Mixed Coxed Eight (over 30)
1, Lake Washington Rowing Club 6:43.42. 2, Lake Union Crew 6:47.70. 3, Sammamish Rowing Association 6:53.23. 4, Everett Rowing Association 7:05.52.

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