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UW vs Utah - Postgame Quotes
Release: 11/10/2012
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Nov. 10, 2012

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Opening Statement:
"This is a really cool win for our team. I thought we executed in all three phases really well. I'll start on special teams. They have arguably the best kickoff returner in America and we didn't want to let that guy beat us. So we went into a pop-over mentality, and we sacrificed some field position in the game by doing so. And in turn it swung the field position in a manner that our offense got stuck with quite a few long fields throughout the game, and it put our defense in a situation where they were stuck with some short fields.

But we just didn't want to give up seven points on a kick-off return to a guy who's done it three times in the last two weeks. And what came out of that was I thought we played really good first down and second down defense, which allowed us to play amazing third down defense. It's unfortunate that we gave up that one long run there, but outside of that our defense was phenomenal. I think they only converted one third down all night. Our defense got to a point to where we covered well, we pressured enough, especially late in the game, and then for us offensively the third down conversions were awesome. I think we were about 50% in the first half, and then finished right around 50% for the ball game. We had good balance, which we always want to have.

I thought Bishop had another excellent night running the football. We kind of know what he is and know the types of runs he is going to have. 36 carries I think he had tonight for over 160 yards. The playmakers on offense made their plays, and Austin and Kasen. The role players made their plays when they had their chances, whether it was Kendal Taylor, what Evan Hudson brings, what Deondre Campbell brings, what Cody Bruns brings, what Jaydon Mickens brings. So that's kind of our mix, kind of our balance.

I thought it was by far and away Keith's best game of the year. I've kind of felt that coming over the last couple weeks. And I thought our offensive line did an abnormal job against a very good defensive front. So all in all, it's a great win against a good opponent. We are happy to be bowl eligible, but there's plenty of work still left to be done for this football team. We realize that, we understand that, and we'll get back to work here and try to get another one at Colorado."  


Wide Receiver Cody Bruns

On winning on senior night
"Great win for us. It's a nice way for us to go out--our last game here. We've been together a long time so it's good to go out on top."

On impact of senior night
"It's more of a build up. You just want to get out there and start playing. So once you get out there it's nice to just start hitting people and playing the game."

On moving forward
"We have to refocus on Colorado. Get after them and keep going."

Center Drew Schaefer

On emotions of senior night
"Obviously it's great to win. We've put a lot of hard work in all season, especially this game week. There was a big emphasis on the o-line, a challenge for us. We just came out and played well, but there's still three games left in the season. We need to move past this and already start looking forward to Colorado next week."

On Bishop Sankey's success
"He makes us look really good. Sometimes it's not blocked perfectly, sometimes he has to beat or make someone miss. He's done an awesome job at that. He's run hard all season and I'm happy for him. And like I've said, there's a lot of time left in the season for him to keep going."

Jonathan Amosa

Four years as a Husky, how does it feel?
"It feels great now.  We had a lot of ups and downs, a rough start, but the great thing about it is that we were a team.  We went through it as a team today and we just had fun with each other.  I wouldn't want to be on any other team than this one."

What can you say about Sark as a coach?
"We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.  We had the players playing, but in order to have a great team you have to have a great leader, and Sark is that leader.  We have our other leaders on the team, with the captains, but coach Sark is really the one who takes charge.  Honestly we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.  I am one of the only six from the 0-12 season.  To go from that to this...  Bowl eligible.  The great thing about that is that we still have two games left, and we can just keep on winning and keep on playing and see where the ball takes us."

Individual game plan tonight
 "I don't think it ever changes for a full back, I'm not going to get a fade route.  That is just the beauty of this position, you do the dirty work.  You have to give credit to the o-line, Bishop ran the ball really well, but the o-line did a great job too.  I have to give credit to my guys, and Drew Schaefer is the leader of the o-line.  I wouldn't want to be on any other team than this one." 

Justin Glenn

Can you sum up your four years at UW, all the highs and lows?
"That's tough.  It has been a roller coaster for me; you know coming in and not knowing what to expect and going 0-12 my first year and then just staying positive.  Getting injured, and I was out for a year and a half and three new coaching staffs, there have been so many ups and downs.  But, man I am proud of our guys, our seniors we stuck together and made it through.  Here we are, bowl eligible, right now we are feeling good."

What can you say about Wilcox's defense?
"He is doing really great.  His defense is only going to continue to get better.  This is the first year and we are already making improvements.  I am positive that you will see it continue to carry on in the next couple years, especially for the players coming in.  Guys are learning the system and getting better at execution.


On cause of offensive struggles:
"We had a lot of drops, it was a throw game. When we look at where our deficiencies were, it was in the throw game. I thought we ran the ball okay, we had close to 150 yards rushing, which is about average, but our throw game was abysmal. Dropped too many balls, just never got in sync with throwing the football. We've got to be more balanced offensively."

On their defense:
"Defensively we've got to get more takeaways. This day and age in football you've got to create more than one takeaway in a football game and we didn't do that. The biggest turning point in the game, we are down 22-15 we get a stop, and we mishandle the punt and special teams turns it over, and we never recover from that. So instead of having all the momentum and the ball somewhere in the mid third quarter down 22-15, we turn it over, they capitalize on it, like I said we couldn't recover."

On what they've got to do differently:
"Well we've got to coach better, that's always a starting point is coaching, and doing a better job of getting the guys ready, better job scheming. But we've also got to do a better job of making more plays during the course of the game. We have done that the last two weeks, but we didn't do it today. "

On the Huskies:
"Give credit to the Huskies, they played well, particularly on defense. They are athletic and fast, that was very apparent, they are a fast football team and this is a tough venue to play in. But still, we've got to get better and we will, you know we have two games left, we are 4-6, we have no margin for error, so we've got to be ready to find a way to win, that's the bottom line. Can't win the second one till you win the first one." 

Overall thoughts:
"This week, major step backwards, so we've got to get back to the drawing boards, but we'll find some things to build on and get ready for Arizona."


RB John White

On getting offensive consistency
We were running the ball well, but we need to pass more efficiently. We need to come out and execute and have more passion even in practice.

On running over 140 yards
The run was there. I guess guys weren't getting open efficiently to pass the ball. But the run was there; we just need to capitalize next week. 

On scoring early in the game
We were just pounding the ball.

QB Travis Wilson

On his performance
I felt like I prepared enough and watched enough film. I think I just fell short.

On the level of play between their past two opponents and Washington
Washington is definitely a good team. They came out very physical on defense but for me I just needed to make more plays than I did.

On Washington's defense
They were definitely playing good coverage and covering our guys well. Their schemes were working well for them but I should have done a better job at throwing the football.

On the early touchdown
I think our running game was working the whole game. John White was working very hard as well.

RE Trevor Reilly

On ASJ's catch in the third quarter
We had two guys on him but he's just a big guy. We have to make the plays when they come. We missed some sacks and we should have had a couple of interceptions. You add those up and maybe those sacks turn into fumbles.

On having to win out for bowl eligibility
Our backs are against the wall. We're going to go out swinging, but either way we are going to try to come out and close to be bowl eligible.

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