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Washington vs. Arizona State Postgame Notes and Quotes
Release: 10/17/1999
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Oct. 17, 1999

The Sun Devils limited Washington to seven points, the lowest scoring output for the Huskies during a home game since a 17-6 loss to Washington State on Nov. 29, 1983 at Husky Stadium.

Arizona State has been scoreless in the first quarter in 5 of 6 games this season, including today's contest. However, the Sun Devils have only been outscored 21-7 during the opening period this season.

Washington's scored on its opening drive for the third consecutive game. The Huskies came up with touchdowns on their first possession against both Oregon State and Oregon.

ASU senior flyback Terrelle Smith scored the first touchdown of his career in the second quarter, on a 7-yard run.

Washington junior free safety Curtis Williams and sophomore inside linebacker Derrell Daniels both recorded the first interception of their careers in today's game.

Curtis Williams's and Derrell Daniels' second-quarter interceptions for Washington upped the Huskies' season total to seven. That's two better than last year when the team recorded an all-time low of five interceptions.

ASU's 10-7 halftime lead was just the second time this year it had a halftime lead. The other was its 13-7 halftime lead in its opener vs. Texas Tech (Sept. 6). ASU and Cal were tied at the half (14-14) on Sept. 25.

ASU quarterback Ryan Kealy became the sixth Sun Devil quarterback to reach the 5,000-yard passing mark in his career. Kealy came into today's game with 4891 career passing yards and added 194 vs. the Huskies to raise his total to 5085. The other Sun Devil QBs with 5,000 career passing yards are Jake Plummer, Danny White, Jeff Van Raaphorst, Paul Justin and Mike Pagel.

ASU senior tight end Kendrick Bates caught his first touchdown pass since the ASU-Washington game in 1998. It was a three-yard TD pass from Kealy.

ASU recovered six fumbles today, the most since getting six versus UCLA in 1992, Bruce Snyder's first year in Tempe.

Washington head coach Rick Neuheisel

GENERAL REMARKS: "Congratulations to Arizona State. They came to the game and played with urgency and played inspired football. I think at times we looked like a good team and at times it looked like we were playing with a little less urgency. You don't have six fumbles in a contest and call that intensity. It's not the same kind of intensity we've had the last three weeks when we where on the right side of the scoreboard. When you lack that, you put yourself in a precarious position when your playing teams as talented as Arizona State, and the truth is, that will be the way it is the rest of the year. We made full mention of the fact that this was going to be a hungry team, given the state of their program, and that you better make sure your ready. Unfortunately we didn't get the point across, so, I take full responsibility.

"We squandered numerous opportunities and made way too many mistakes to beat a very good team. We find ourselves 2-1 in the conference and 3-3 (Overall), and in a place where a lot of teams are in the country. It will be very important to our team to heel, both physically and mentally, it was a very taxing game on us.

"It will be imperative that we heel as quickly as is possible so that we can rise up and play our best against Cal, who is obviously excited about their win over UCLA. It was an intense effort by their defense and we didn't make enough plays to counter act it. It's disappointing but it's not shocking when you play a team as urgent as Arizona State. It's a demoralizing game. Our pregame warm up wasn't what it had been. It's disappointing but you just have to rise up and try it again."
ON WASHINGTON INJURIES: "Rock Nelson was unable to finish the game because of a stinger, which is a neck injury. Willie Hurst was knocked out of the game with what I hope was a mild concussion, we'll have to wait and see. Braxton Cleman had a serious injury and was taken to the hospital. We're waiting for word on his status. He was having difficulty breathing on our sidelines and we send our thoughts along with Braxton. Mac Tuiaea was blocked low and we will have to wait and see what the MRI tells us about his knee."

ON THE GOALLINE FORTH DOWN ATTEMPT: "It was 13-7, fourth and one, we've had pretty good success on fourth down and we felt like we had a great idea for how to attack them on the goal line so we ran our play. They just beat our blocks, on that play it looked like they wanted it more."

ON HIS INTERACTION WITH JARZYNKA FOLLOWING MUFFED PUNT: "There are times to fair catch. I know Joe is a very competitive young man and we benefit from his zealous play but there are times, when you see opponents running by you and the kick is short, when you should just catch the ball. He's been pretty successful and fair caught on some occasions. I don't want to blame Jarzynka for the loss, it just that there are times to fair catch it and we all have to learn from that."

Postgame Player Quotes

Larry Tripplett
(On play of the defense): "We did okay in the first half but in the second half we wanted to make a play so bad that we let things go when we should've just kept to our plan"

(On what team needs to work on for next week): "We made a lot of mistakes, and our goal is to limit our mistakes and play smart football, and that's what we have to do next week. Cal is a good team so we have to play smart and not make mistakes."

Willie Hurst
(Due to a concussion, Willie Hurst did not attend the post-game press conference. These quotes were taken by a member of the UW Media Relations Office) (On the concussion): "I tried to make a cut but I got hit and it wrecked my tempo and then everything kind of went limp and that's when I dropped the ball. My head was just killing me and everything was spinning. They said I had a slight concussion and I was out the rest of the game." (On the running game): "I could've run a lot better. ASU had a great game plan for us, but there were a couple runs where I could've run a lot better than I did."

Marques Tuiasosopo
(On the team's overall performance): "We came out good on the first series and came out with urgency and then we just sat back and relaxed. We're going to have to re-examine ourselves and regain focus, and eliminate the mistakes, because it doesn't get any easier from here on. "

(On the 4th and goal play): "There's no question that was the turning point of the game. They're trying to stop us, we're trying to score and if we score who knows, we're up 14-13. But they made the play and stopped us and they did the things they needed to do to win the game."

(On Arizona State being more fired up): "We talked about matching fire with fire and we didn't even come close. We didn't even light our match. It's something we need to learn as a team and change for next week. We cant just do the same things we did last week because it wasn't good enough. We got embarrassed and they played a great game. They came ready to play and we didn't bring our game."

(On their ability to stop the option): "They defensed the option well. I don't know if it's our strength but its an aspect of our offense we use and they came out and stopped us and we couldn't get it going. Our first drive we came out with a sense of urgency, but then we relaxed. I think we figured we'd score on the first drive and it's going to happen all the time. We need to be more mature and keep our focus and intensity up the whole game."

Dane Looker
(On disappointment of loss): "It's very disappointing. You win this game and you're right on top of the Pac-10 and it's in your hands. It's still in our hands, we play Stanford, but we have to win every game and take it upon ourselves to do that."

(On what seniors need to do to show leadership): "We have to make sure everyone practices hard. If we don't practice hard with intensity and a sense of urgency then we shouldn't be out there. I'm not pointing fingers saying people weren't working hard but everyone has to come out, especially after loosing a big game like that, and work for perfection practice."

Arizona State Head Coach Bruce Snyder

General Remarks: "I am so very, very proud of this squad, and particularly this staff. They did a marvelous job of coaching and getting this team ready to play. We came up here less than full strength, in fact, we lost a player or two during the game. I just thought the overall preparation was outstanding by the players and the staff. Our defense played huge. The kicking game went very well. We blocked a field goal, which was very significant and we never let their punt returners get loose. From start to finish I am just terribly proud."

On Ryan Kealy: "Ryan is a very accurate passer on the move, he has very quick hands. I like the bootleg with him, I know he is not necessarily a runner, but he can move. He found the tight ends and did a great job."

On ASU's Emotion: "When you are struggling, it is very difficult to show emotion. You become worried and stressed, but this team really wants to do well. When we started off against Notre Dame, we were very emotional, but it didn't happen. Today, we were able to maintain that emotion and it really caught fire. I am hoping that we can continue with that next week against Washington State. We want to get a good feeling again at home with our fans and with our players to recapture what really makes Arizona State football."

On the Play Calling: "You can't be cavalier in your play calling. If you are very aggressive, the players will pick up on it and play harder. For example, when you call a blitz, defensive players will play harder. It actually isn't that exciting to sit back and play in a zone. It is a gamble, things can blow up on you, but the players sense that you are going for the jugular and respond to that. The play calling was terrific, but the execution is what really matters."

On Facing Washington's Defense: "They play the perimeter very well and we knew that coming in, but I thought we played those plays very well. We are pretty strong inside. I think that when most people look at us, they think that it was a real gamble to run inside on these guys. That is where Notre Dame hurt us, on perimeter plays. But that is what Washington did before this game, which we anticipated, and we responded well to it."

Arizona State Player Quotes

(On defensive effort): "We new that their quarterback (Tuiasosopo) was going to come out and make plays for them. Our goal was to contain him, and I think that we did a good job of that. We stuck on our assignments, played physical and played hard."

(On shutting down the option): "You have to maintain your responsibilities. We have faced the option all year, and we finally got it right tonight. When guys were flying around making plays it is really hard to run the option."

(On goal line stand): "We figured that they were going to run the option. We told our players to dig deep, because these are the plays that make the game. Guys were running to the ball and flying all over the place making the tackle. That was the key to the game. It was the momentum changer."

(On goal line stand): "We came out stronger every time we came out on the field tonight. The goal line stand was big. It turned the whole game around for us. We felt that after that the defense had the strength and the upper hand. We killed their fire."

(defensive performance): "I feel that this was our best defensive performance of the season. It was our strongest performance from start to finish. Our defense does a lot better when they get on a roll."

(On offensive strategy): "We wanted to come out tonight and establish the run game. When we do that we are able to throw the ball down the field and get it in the endzone. Our goal was to put some points on the board and let our defense do the work."

(On running game): "We have so many running backs that can come in and contribute when J.R. (Redmond) is down. It is a definite plus for our offense. We have so many good backs that we do not hardly lose anything with J.R. out of the ballgame."

(On overall play): "This was a big game for us. It meant a lot to our team, and it meant a lot to them to have me on the field. I had to play regardless of how I felt. (Gerald) Green had an excellent game. We are fortunate to have three tailbacks, other than myself, that can make plays. Anyone of them can come in and contribute."

(On importance of the game): "This game was important because it was against Washington. They are a very good team. When you beat a team like Washington who has good coaches and good athletes it's a big win. We have come through a lot of adversity as a team."

(General comments): "I think that a lot of players were counting us out. I think that the important thing is that we came from within and really found strength within each other. That is what got us this game. It's just a matter of eliminating our errors, and getting a rhythm going on offense. Our defense played extremely well which really helped us out. They kept us in the game in the first half, and we took over in the second half."

(On offensive rhythm): "Our confidence level did nothing but grow as the game went on. In the first half our defense played awesome, and our offense sputtered a bit. In the second half we had some early success, and we ran with it. Washington is a good team. We just executed better."

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