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Quotes From Bob Bender's Weekly Press Gathering
Release: 01/18/2000
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Jan. 18, 2000

SEATTLE - Graves Building Conference Room

ON THE WASHINGTON, OREGON RIVALRY: "I would never characterize it as nasty but it is very intense. When I first came to Washington, one of the first games coach Marv Harshman always talked about was the Oregon game. I visited Oregon when I was in high school during the kamikaze kids. I knew the Washington, Oregon game was big before I heard the stories. In our seven years, there has always been good games. You never have an easy time. Both of us have won going away but they're never easy. We've got our program into the tournament for two years and that's where they want to be. I see the whole Northwest rivalry getting better and better."

ON ERNIE KENT'S EARLY SUCCESS AT OREGON: "I think that's what everyone would have expected because no one knows Oregon basketball better than somebody who played there when it was at its highest. Oregon's had a lot of good teams but they will always look back on Ernie's group."

ON WASHINGTON'S OFFENSE: "What we did on Saturday is something that will be consistent the rest of the year. It was productive and addressed the numbers that needed to be addressed after the Arizona State game. The first was turnovers, the second was production, and last, the calmness and the confidence that our players showed. The biggest difference was that we ran a particular play to start each possession. It gave us more organization and a better chance to get the ball in the right areas. We're not looking to take 30 seconds off the shot clock, we're just looking to be more precise. This style is still based on our defense."

ON THALO GREEN: "He adds that element of toughness, emotionally he is a sparker and you follow by his lead. Now he's more productive. That's not the last time you'll see him hit or take three's, his role will expand."

ON SENQUE CAREY'S RECENT AGGRESSIVENESS: "We went into both those games wanting him to drive it because we felt with his size and strength he had an advantage. We thought Senque could get to the basket and he was successful, certainly in the Arizona State game. It's something we will continue to look for. That's part of his game, being physical with the other guard, and that can be on offense where he can get his body into people. We won't change that. That will be good for us for the rest of our year."

ON PAC-10'S REPUTATION TO RUN: "The west and especially the Pac-10 will always be looked at, because of the strength of our guards, as an up-tempo league. I think that's a common association, good guards mean a quicker tempo game. We do play a quicker tempo but we're not just race horses up and down."

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