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Quotes From Bob Bender's Weekly Press Meeting
Release: 01/25/2000
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Jan. 25, 2000

SEATTLE, Graves Building Confernce Room -


"They're a very, very good basketball team. The inside, physical play will be a huge factor and at the same time you have to be able to defend explosive scorers on the perimeter. It's a two-pronged attack, nothing has changed in that regard with Stanford. Most everybody is at a disadvantage with them because of their size and their depth of their size. For our guys, who are seeing them for the first time, it will be a real shock."


"We've gotten away from doing everything that we've based seven years of work on and that is team man-to-man defense and motion offense. For the long haul, a basketball program has to be built on simple things that are always there and consistent from year to year regardless of personnel. Today, we're going back to the habits of fundamental man-to-man team defense and motion offense. We recruited these guys to play that way. We've gotten away from the habits we've tried to establish for seven years. This is who we are and these are the habits we've go to get back to. Running motion offense and playing team man-to-man defense is what we do."


"We're going to have to play David, but that's good because he's coming off his most productive outing and his confidence is higher. David Dixon is a good example of somebody who really does deserve to have success because his situation has been scrutinized by everybody. There was always a lot of anticipation about what he would do and then the conditioning and the weight became a problem. How many kids can handle that and still stay positive? He does it. Ronnell Young is a former NFL football player who runs a program down in Houston that David's been involved in since a young age. It's what this is all about, never making excuses. That's what he was taught and what he believes in and what he stands for. You can't feel sorry for yourself."


"Bryan Brown will be the back-up point guard for the rest of the season. What he did on Sunday indicates what he is capable of. We just need to give him the confidence so that he knows every game he's going in at a certain time in the first half and a certain time in the second half. He will play as many minutes as he did the other night or more as he does a good job."

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