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Post Game Quotes: Washington at Arizona State
Release: 06/21/1999
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Bruce Snyder (ASU Head Coach):

"We all participated in the outcome of this game and must take responsibility."

"There were times that this team (ASU) did outstanding things."

"We screwed some things up, but (they're) things we can fix."

"It's a terrible loss, but we will rebound from it."

"Give credit to Washington, their offense was really in rhythm."

"There are 10 regular-season games remaining, with a chance to play in the postseason. I think we can win everyone of them."

<"This is the first real shot to the chin for this team. Maybe this is a test to see if we'll bounce back."

Jim Lambright (UW Head Coach):

"The significance is one of giving players credit who believe they can do this and worked hard to get it done."

About the win: "You try to take it apart and you don't want to. It's such a huge emotional rush."

"This is the biggest opening win I can remember because of the magnitude of the team we were playing and the caliber of our players."

"I think the positiveness that rolled thru this football team came to the top. We saw the rise of positive emotion."

Ryan Kealy (ASU quarterback):

"We didn't put up enough points. It was a huge letdown."

"Nobody thought it was over, but we think we had it."

About Washington: "I was impressed that they beat us... they were just better than us on this day."

"We lost, so I didn't do enough."

Brock Huard (UW quarterback):

ASU's fourth and goal TD: ::When it was fourth and eighth (ASU), not taking anything away from our defense, I knew they were going to score."

"Two years ago, we had a drive to win the game and blew it. Tonight we just scored."

"This was the greatest game I have ever been a part of."

"Could the script have been any better? I don't think any of us in this room couldn't have written a better script"

"What a special night."

Reggie Davis (UW tight end):

On his TD catch: "It's pretty much a blur now. It was like an NFL film, the ball just coming out of the lights."

"Huard threw a perfect ball and I just caught it."

We did what we came here to accomplish."

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