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Windermere Cup Results
Release: 05/06/2000
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May 6th, 2000

SEATTLE, Wash. - AD Washington's men's and women's varsity eights kept the Windermere Cup at home as they won the premier races of the 14th annual Opening Day Regatta Saturday morning on the Montlake Cut. For the Husky men ,it was their 10th straight Windermere Cup title and for the varsity women, it was their second straight and ninth overall.

Washington's varsity men covered the 2,000-meter race in a time of 5 minutes, 42.68 seconds, ahead of the U.S. Naval Academy at 5:51.46. The Egyptian men's team was third in 6:03.77. The No. 1 ranked varsity women, who are undefeated this season, had open water as they crossed the finish line in a time of 6:29.20. The Naval Academy was second at 6:44.47 and Egypt was third at 7:37.69.

Washington's junior varsity crews also maintained their hold on the Cascade Cups, with the men winning two straight and eight of the last nine races. The junior varsity women completed a decade of dominance as they won their 10th straight, with this year's crew clocking a time of 6:39.91.

Washington's freshman men and novice women came away with gold medals, as did the varsity four crews. The lone Husky losses came in the men's and women's open eights, where Pacific Lutheran won the women's event in 7:05.7 9 and Cascade Rowing Club won the men's in 5:57.24.

Washington now prepares for the Pac-10 Conference Championships, May 14 in Sacramento, Calif.

Women's Windermere Cup: 1st-UW 6:29.20, 2nd-Navy 6:44.47, 3rd-Egypt 7:37.69

Men's Windermere Cup: 1st-UW 5:42.68, 2nd-Navy 5:51.46, 3rd-Egypt 6:03.77

Women's Windermere Cascade Cup: 1st-UW 6:39.91, 2nd-GONZ 6:46.83, 3rd-WWU 6:54.52, 4th-WU 6:59.08

Men's Windermere Cascade Cup: 1st-UW 5:46.41, 2nd-OSU 5:55.97, 3rd-WWU 5:58.06, 4th-GONZ 6:01.41

Women's Olympic Team: 1st-USA-4 7:35.49, 2nd-USA 6:37.85

Women's Junior Eight: 1st-VicCty 6:52.16, 2nd-Capitl 6:57.82, 3rd-LS 7:02.70, 4th-HNames 7:08.80

Men's Junior Eight: 1st-GL 6:02.07, 2nd-Vic/Ma 6:04.59, 3rd-Brent 6:04.76, 4th-Marin 6:07.34, 5th-ORU 6:18.21

Women's Novice Eight: 1st-UW-A 6:42.22, 2nd-GONZ 6:57.55, 3rd-UW-B 7:06.61, 4th-WWU 7:09.36

Men's Freshmen Eight: 1st-UW-A 5:55.86, 2nd-OSU 6:04.65, 3rd-UW-B 6:14.09

Men's Varsity Four: 1st-UW-A 6:26.56, 2nd-UW-B 6:38.15, 3rd-OSU 6:46.17, 4th-SPU 6:49.85, 5th-GONZ 7:04.30, 6th-SU 7:10.94

Women's Varsity Four: 1st-UW-A 7:25.01, 2nd-UW-B 7:30.22, 3rd-WSU 7:33.74, 4th-SPU 7:35.50, 5th-SU 7:57.47

Women's Open Eight: 1st-PLU 7:05.79, 2nd-UW 7:16.17, 3rd-GONZ 7:21.66, 4th-SPU 7:27.43

Men's Open Eight: 1st-CRC 5:57.24, 2nd-UW 5:59.05, 3rd-WSU 6:19.70, 4th-UO 6:19.98, 5th-GONZ 6:25.91

Women's Masters Eight (30+): 1st-LUC 7:50.11, 2nd-SRA 7:57.69, 3rd-IRC 8:00.99, 4th-LOCR 8:06.64

Women's Masters Eight (40+): 1st-CRC 7:16.28, 2nd-LUC 7:18.64, 3rd-MRA 7:44.56, 4th-LWRC 7:51.70

Women's Masters Eight (50+): 1st-SYC 7:51.54, 2nd-VIRC 7:51.81, 3rd-PBRC 7:52.75, 4th-MM 8:02.80

Mixed Masters Eight (40+): 1st-PRC/AM 7:10.57, 2nd-MBC 7:15.62, 3rd-GLC 7:19.74, 4th-SYC/AM 7:56.54

Mixed Masters Quad (40+): 1st-LWRC 7:15.78, 2nd-SS 7:22.81, 3rd-WRC 7:35.77, 4th-PRC 7:37.64

Canoe and Kayak: 1st-Kayak 0:00.00, 2nd-Canoe 0:04.06

Outrigger Exhibition: 1st-SOCC 0:00.00, 2nd-KCC 0:10.21

Montlake Cut, Seattle, Washington, USA
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