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Q & A with Larry Tripplett
Release: 09/12/2000
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Sept. 12, 2000

How were you able to pick up some key tackles in the Miami game as well as the blocked field goal?

Tripplett:"I just try to do whatever it takes to get the win. I was just trying to do my job and take care of my responsibility and good things happened from there.

"I just try to get punch, or push, and try to get low and push the guy back as far as I can. I try to get my hands up in time and push out. We go over that stuff in practice every day and that's what I did. It was like a practice drill for me. I blocked one or two last year. So having blocked one before, my first instinct was to look up and see where the ball was. I knew I hit it, and when I saw that our guys had fallen on it, I was just excited. The crowd was going crazy, so I was pretty excited from there."

What motivated you going into the Miami game?

Tripplett:"Husky tradition, most definitely. That was the biggest thing for me. The pride that we have being Huskies. This game was a game for us to show an example of that -- to show an example of the tradition in the past and bring it on to the future and now. These two teams (Miami and Washington) have been going at it over the past 10 years, so it was a big game for us."

What were the keys to winning the Miami game? What did you learn from it or take from it to apply to the future?

Tripplett:"Sticking together. When the offense was having a problem, defense, we weren't just out there bickering and yelling at the offense, `Do this or do that'. We were trying to stick together as a team. I think that was very important to us winning.

"We learned we need to maintain the intensity after halftime. We went out pretty high and a lot of guys came to the locker room very excited. We were almost overenthusiastic to go back out there and play again. I think next time, we will be a little more focused and remain calm until the end of the game."

Going into Colorado coming off a big win, is there a caution not to get too confident, especially since they are looking to get a win, being 0-2?

Tripplett:"We can't get too high, because they are a very good team and they have a lot of motivation to play. This is going to be a very tough, drag-out fight type of football game, because a lot of guys that we played against last year are coming back. And they remember how much it hurt for them to lose. And they are going to be ready to play us. We are coming to their house, so we can't get too excited. We have to really get focused. This is going to be a tough game for us coming up."

How big is this game for the team?

Tripplett:"It is a very big game for us, because we have a momentum going now. We started to build a momentum and for us to maintain it and keep going is crucial, especially when we have an opponent like Colorado, which is going to be a challenging game for us."

Of the two positions you play, defensive tackle and nose tackle, which do you like better and what is the difference for you?

Tripplett:"I love nose tackle, I love being right on the ball because I can see it right when it is about to snap. I can get off the ball much faster. I just hate the double team. You get double teamed all the time, so I hate it. But each position has its own good parts and bad parts, but I am just going to play whichever one the coaches tell me to. You don't really have much of a choice."

What are you doing to make yourself better than you were last year or even last game?

Tripplett:"Well, just working with Steve Emtman (volunteer strength coach) has really been a help. I have been starting to see different blocking schemes. I'm just trying to play the game instead of looking at the game. Sometimes, when you are out there and you know a team so well, you want to sit back and watch them. You almost know the play before it happens. And sometimes you just have to play football."

What is your ideal night out? What do you like to do after football practice?

Tripplett:"I am so anti-social, it is really ridiculous. I like going to my apartment and chilling out on the couch and playing video games. The guys always harass me about going out and how they never see me out, but that is just not my style. I am more of a homebody. I would rather be chilling out with my girlfriend."

What is your favorite video game?

Tripplett:"Right now, it is "Knock Out Kings 2000." It is a boxing game. And I like the football games. "Madden". That is one thing I will do, is go play some Madden. I love Madden."

What is your favorite movie you have seen lately?

Tripplett:"Nutty Professor 2. It is pretty funny. It reminds me so much of my family. Just a lot of the stuff they do, and a lot of the stuff they say, reminds me of different things that happen in my family."

What is your favorite food?

Tripplett:"Fried chicken. I love fried chicken. I like putting hot sauce on it. That's really why I like it. I love hot sauce. And there is nothing better than fried chicken with hot sauce."

What is your favorite color? Is it Husky purple?

Tripplett:"Blue. That has always been my favorite color. I like purple, but you can't wear purple all the time. You can't just wear purple out. But blue, you can wear blue anywhere."

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