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BYU vs. Washington Postgame Notes and Quotes
Release: 06/21/1999
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September 19, 1998

Seattle - Postgame notes and quotes from Washington's home opener vs. Brigham Young.

Game Notes and Post Game Quotes Washington vs. BYU - Sept. 19, 1998

Washington won its 13th straight home opener today, dating back to a loss to Oklahoma State in 1985. The Huskies are now 56-18-1 all-time in home openers.

Washington is now 26-5-1 all-time against Western Athletic Conference teams.

When UW quarterback Brock Huard threw an interception in the first quarter of todays game it ended a streak of 90 consecutive completions without an interception.

In Washingtons season opener at Arizona State the Huskies had six true freshmen play (Braxton Cleman, Todd Elstrom, Jafar Williams, Hakim Akbar, Scott Ask and Derek Noble). Two more true freshmen made their debut today -- TB Willie Hurst and HB Chris Juergens.

Four more Huskies -- John Westra, Willie Hurst, Pat Conniff and Chris Juergens -- were added to the list of Husky receivers this year, giving the UW a list of 10 different players that have caught passes in two games this season. Westra, Hurst and Juergens were all making their first career catches

Toure Butlers fumble recovery and return for a touchdown in the second quarter marks the first time UW has scored off a fumble return since Jabari Issa did it last year at Oregon State on an 18-yard return.

The last time BYU was shutout at halftime was in 1995 at the Air Force Academy, 21-0. The Falcons went on to win the game 38-12 in BYU QB Steve Sarkisians debut. The Cougars, however, kept their no-shutout streak alive at 289 games with a 23-yard field goal by Owen Pochman on the opening drive of the second half. The last time BYU was shutout was in 1975 by Arizona State 21-0.

Toure Butlers 98-yard kickoff return for a TD was the third longest in Husky history. It is the longest return by a Husky since Anthony Allen had a 99-yard TD return vs. Pittsburgh in 1979. Jim Kreig had the other 99-yarder in 1971 vs. TCU.

(Jeff: See note taped on table) Washington quarterback Brock Huard moved up on the UWs career passing list today. Huard had 178 passing yards today to move into sixth place with 4,314 career yards. He passed Chris Chandler to move into sixth. Don Heinrich (1949-52) stands at No. 5 with 4,392 career yards.

BYU extended its NCAA record streak by scoring in its 289th consecutive game today. The last time the Cougars were shutout was in 1975 by Arizona State 21-0. Washington extended its scoring streak today to 194 games.

Washington was held to only one offensive touchdown today, the first time that has ever happened during Brock Huards tenure at quarterback. The last time that the Washington offense was held to only one TD was on November 19, 1994, when Washington State beat the Dawgs, 23-6. That, in fact, was the second straight game in which the Husky offense hadnt scored. The previous week against Cal, the UW won 31-19, but got only one offensive TD (the others came on fumble and interception returns).

Washington true freshman Todd Elstrom started his first game today.

Washington head coach Jim Lambright

GENERAL REMARKS: "I want to start by congratulating the defense. Our defense was dominating. This is an example of a game where our defense and special teams stepped up. We need everyone to step up in all three phases for us to become the team we want to be. Tremendous concern right now in the field goal kicking. Not much confidence right there. A couple of misses, and a couple of kickoffs without much hang time are going to need some work. We punted well."

ON BROCK HUARD'S PERFORMANCE: "Some incomplete balls that were thrown by Brock were cases were Brock was reading coverages and the receivers were not. Being able to take a hit is something a passing quarterback is going to half to do and I think Brock is that way

ON WILLIE HURST: "I think he has a great future here at the University of Washington. I'm very pleased with Willie."

ON JOE JARZYNKA: "He's doing exactly what Joe does best and I love that. Joe's giving us a chance on everything."

ON RONNEY JENKINS: " We've watched him out of high school and he is a great runningback. We zeroed in one or two people on everything he did. You've got to have inside leverage and outside leverage on runs and as a receiver with him."

Washington Players

Toure Butler ON KICKOFF RETURN TD: "I followed Joey (Jarzynka) through the hole and the next thing I knew it was open field so I kept running and had some blockers and got into the endzone."

"Im on the field to make plays. I try my best to do that."

Brock Huard ON BYU DEFENSIVE LINE: "That is a very good BYU front seven. That is the reason they handled ASU so well last week. They are physical, they are experienced and they took it too us up front. That is going to be one of the best front lines that we will see all year. You really have to respect them. We helped the defense out in that first game, but they definitely carried the load in this game, now both side can start looking ahead and thinking about Nebraska."

ABOUT WINNING TODAY: "You dont want to feel sorry for yourself or the offense, but we did win and we are 2-0. We couldnt get it in (the endzone) there at the end when we should have. Its a big win for us and it puts us where we want to be, at 2-and-0. This is a team win. Offensively, we can not be satisfied with a performance like that."

ON PRACTICE THIS WEEK: "We need to get ready for Nebraska and get the momentum rolling the week in practice. We need to get the confidence up and get Dane (Looker) back, and Pat Reddick back get JaWarren healthier. Were going to be ready to go next week."

ON TD TO JUERGENS: "The blitzed and we knew they would, leaving Chris man-on-man in the flat. He ran a great route, a wheel route up the side lines, made a great catch and I couldnt have been more excited for him to open up his career with the Huskies with a play like that."

"As an older guy, its fun to see freshman so excited to be on the field making plays."

Chris Juergens ON TD PASS FROM HUARD: "It was just a wheel route. I looked inside and saw linebackers blitzing, so I got out in the flat and cut it up a quickly so that Brock would have a chance. He threw a perfect pass, I didnt have to do much except run and catch. I was just glad that I caught it."

ON GETTING OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY: "With a couple of guys injured the past couple weeks, I was prepared to play a lot. I was very excited. I the coaches helped me out a lot and gave me a lot of confidence and all the players telling me that I was going to do great, really helped me. I just really excited and happy about the results today."

Hakim Akbar ON INTERCEPTION: "I knew there was a receiver behind me so I didnt want to come up to quick, so I stayed there and he (Feterick) threw it right to me. I was so excited, I just got what I could get out of it. Im just out there trying to do my best."

Marques Hairston ON TODAYS PERFORMANCE: "We wanted to go out and show how many athletes we have and how well we can play on defense. We can put it on if we want to, we knew we had to step it up from last week when we really didnt show what we are capable of doing, we showed it pretty well this week."

ON DEFENSIVE CHEMISTRY: "We play as a team, we have highlight players, but everybody has a role and when they step into their role everything gets done, and thats the strength of our team this year."

Todd Johnson GENERAL REMARKS: "Im just happy to be 2-0 right now. A lot of people thought that we be here at this point in the season."

ON THE NEAR SAFETY: "I really didnt know where he was at when I hit him. I thought I might have had a safety. I think he might have sneaked the ball forward at the last moment. Either way, I was just happy to get the ball back to our offense and give them a chance a putting something on the board."

"We are much improved from last game when we gave up 38. It was nice to play closer to the level that we want to and hold BYU to 10 points."

Joe Jarzynka ON OPENING KICKOFF and PUNT RETURNS: "On the first kick-off, I thought we were gone on that one and somebody got me from behind. I busted out to the right side but the guy got me. Then, on the punt return that got called back, I was thinking endzone after about 15 yards, but, thats not the way it works sometimes."

ON BUTLERS KO RETURN: "Lets just say there was a little miscommunication there, but things happened to work out for the best and thats what were trying to do in that situation. He (Butler) will be hearing an earful this week, Ill guarantee you that."

"Toure (Butler) is outstanding return back. Weve worked a lot together on punt and kickoff returns. It doesnt surprise me one bit that he could take it the whole. I know sometime Ill get my chance."

BYU head coach LaVell Edwards

GENERAL REMARKS: "We had some opportunities we werent able to capitalize on. I thought we played exceptionally well on defense. Going into these last three games we simply had to avoid the "big play" and not turn the ball over. If we did that we could win. We did that last week; we didnt do it against Alabama or Washington. Im pleased with our effort. We simply have to avoid mistakes. We made a lot of mistakes on our kicking game today which is unusual for us."

ON BYUS OFFENSIVE PERFORMANCE: " We were a little tight and out of sync on offense. The defense played exceptionally well and kept us in there. Then we came out third quarter and made a couple of nice drives which we got ten points out of. We got a good field position and then we started jumping offsides. We got in a long yardage situation and werent able to capitalize on the great field position. From then on whenever we got the ball we were in our own endzone. Were still a very young team offensively any way you look at it. We dropped a touchdown pass and had to settle for a field goal. Were still very inexperienced."

ON BYUS PROGRESS: " I feel good about where we're at. Were making progress, were healthy, and thats what I hope to be able to accomplish. Weve got eight games left and were in good shape to go on and have a good season. Weve got to keep working to get better and I really think we will get better."

BYU Player Quotes

K OWEN POCHMAN (Mercer Island, WA) On his seven straight FG streak snapped: "If I miss, I miss. It's terrible it had to happen here. I wasn't so much worried about impressing people it is just getting three points for the team. I'm not worried about streaks and records and stuff like that."

MLB ROB MORRIS On why UW struggled offensively: "They struggled today because our front seven was so physical and coach Lambright came up to me after the game and said that's the best front seven we've faced so far. They never had the rhythm and we got to Huard a little bit early. Their defense played well and scored eight points against us."

On why BYU's offense struggled: "Our offense never got going and the special teams struggled and there were times when the defense struggled. We should give credit to Washington's defense, they put a lot of pressure on Kevin and I think that's part of it.

On key plays in the game: "The fumble for a touchdown and the 97-yard return for a touchdown. Those are two great plays but they're plays that don't happen, shouldn't happen that don't happen, it's kind of a fluke deal. You take away two plays and one long pass. Those are three plays and you're talking a 10-6 ball game. But you can always pick things out like that."

On Brock Huard: "A couple of times we knocked the wind out of him. When Brock gets out and runs he struggles a little more. He's your Drew Bledsoe proto-type drop back and throw and the quick stuff wasn't there, we got pressure and we got hits. I talked to him afterward and he said that I just knocked the wind out of him. He's a tough guy. We were rattling him."

FS JASON WALKER On the offense's struggles: "It's frustrating because I know what our offense can do. I strongly believe that we are a better team than the team we just lost to. They'll come around, the offense will be fine."

On Brock Huard's technique: "We had some good keys coming into the game what we felt he gave away where he's throwing the ball so I expected to get some picks but I also missed a couple. He makes a lot of checks when he comes to the line and once they hike the ball they gave real good run-pass keys so we were able to focus on his eyes which gave it away and then when he commits his shoulders he's going to throw where they are going."

QB KEVIN FETERIK General Remarks: "It was just bad. Sometimes I couldn't hear and getting plays mixed up and just struggled all day. We couldn't get the running game going. It was tough. They brought it to us. They were stunting up front and shifting as we hiked the ball so it was confusing our linemen."

On dropped passes: "It's tough. You throw a pass and someone drops one it is frustrating. The receivers and quarterbacks aren't clicking right now. I don't know what the problem is, we catch balls in practice and we come out to a game and things just don't go well."

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