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Quotes From Coach Bob Bender's Weekly Press Meeting
Release: 01/11/2000
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Jan. 11, 2000

Graves Building Meeting Room, Seattle, Wash.


"We're going to get a guy with unbelievable confidence, not that he hasn't always had that but you can't come of a 61-point game on the road in Berkeley and not have that confidence rise. If it were an underclassmen, I'd say there's a chance he would not be ready but he's a senior so we're going to get his best shot. I fully expect him to come out with fire in his eyes that he can do that and do better.

"He has a very quick release, he doesn't need any time. If you play him at the three, he'll take a step past the three. He uses screens to get the ball and he'll put it on the floor. He's not a guy who's just one dribble, jump up and shoot it. He'll put it on the floor and a big guy he's probably going to go around and a smaller guy he'll shoot over the top of.

"Coming out of high school he was a big scorer in the Bay Area. There were times his freshman, sophomore and junior years he would score and score in bunches really quick.

"The question you have to answer is the same as we did last year with Wally Szczerbiak (in the NCAA tournament). You either try to stop Eddie and let somebody else beat you or contain them and not let anybody else step up. We lost by one (to Miami) with a chance to win with the philosophy that we took. The philosophy that Utah took (in the second round) was different and they lost by double figures.

"For the first time in my career we're going to, and I think have to, make some adjustments in terms of doing things we usually wouldn't do. We're going to double more than we ever have, especially on a guard.

"When you look at that stat line, that's an efficient game. Another stat that's impressive, that shows how well he understands the game and that he's not one dimensional is his free throw numbers. You don't foul jump shooters but he forces you to do that. He puts a little bit of hesitancy in any defender because they don't want to foul him.

"I think there's a couple reasons why this has caught everyone's attention. One is that he did it in a game like that. He did it in a conference game against a quality opponent on the road. They do harken back to a (Pete) Maravich or Austin Carr at Notre Dame.

"He's a really good kid too. We've known him for a long time and he's just a nice kid. It's also nice to see a senior doing it, he's a good example again of what four years will do for you."


"We've always struggled in Tempe. A concern after two home games is our slow starts. We have to find a way to deal with Eddie House and find a way to concentrate and understand how much better we have to play from the opening tip. A slow start in Tempe could be really detrimental to our chances. We have to get off to a good start. They're a young team. They lost two All-Pac-10 players last year. House is picking up slack left by two All-Pac-10 players but he's got a lot of help. They're playing well as a team."


"Marlon has been deserving of a starting look. He has made more progress than anybody from where he was. He has worked hard to get were he is. He's becoming a very good rebounder, he's defending well and he's keeping it simple on knowing how to score. One of the learning processes for him is preparing after success, you got to be able to handle success and build on it. Last year was a complete learning year for him. I would not have predicted he come this far this quickly."


"He's always brought a toughness and a willingness to sacrifice. He executes what we try to do and creates something for someone else. His toughness and the sacrifice is a team mentality that he brings. I think that's why so many fans relate so well to Thalo. It becomes that red hair and those things too but it starts with how he plays and I think people respect that. He's going to put his body on the line. People know he's dealt with a lot of injuries but he's always willing to keep sacrificing."


"He felt the best he did in a long time after the game on Saturday."


"If we win on Saturday, Deon is the only guy who challenges Eddie House for player of the week. Deon in his own right is playing extremely well through the first weekend of the Pac-10. I want to make sure we recognize that too. We're playing a great scorer but we have a guy who's right there on his heels who's doing a great job for us. He's hitting big shots in big games."

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