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Varsity, Freshman Eights Advance to Semi-finals at IRAs
Release: 06/01/2000
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June 1, 2000

CAMDEN, N.J. - Semi-final heat and lane assignments to be posted later Thursday.

Washington's I Varsity and freshman eights won their heats and advanced to the semi-finals as racing got underway at the 98th annual National Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Championships on the Cooper River Thursday morning. Washington's II Varsity and Varsity Four each finished second in its heats and will have to row in the repechage Friday afternoon.

The I Varsity Eights opened the day of racing and all heat winners posted fast times to advance to the semi-finals Friday afternoon. Washington covered the 2,000-meter course in a time of 5 minutes, 44.81 seconds to win heat three, ahead of Dartmouth at 5:46.09. Columbia was third in 5:48.08. It was Syracuse who jumped off the line at the start and took and early lead with the Huskies. Columbia entered the chase but Washington took a full length lead on the field at the halfway mark. Columbia closed to within five seats down the stretch but it was UW by half a length for the final margin.

Defending champion and No. 1 ranked California, undefeated this year, won the first heat in 5:42.90. Brown, also undefeated, won the second heat in 5:43.70. Wisconsin posted the fastest heat of the day, winning in 5:41.0, open water ahead of a hard charging Princeton crew that crossed at 5:45.74.

The Husky freshman eight led heat two from start to finish and crossed the line at 5:51.24, a length ahead of Cornell at 5:53.97. It was a two boat race between the schools with both crews pushing ahead of the field by the halfway point. Washington had a three-quarter lead on Cornell 500 meters in and took it to a full length by 1,000 and held that lead down the stretch.

Pac-10 rival California won the first heat in 5:51.75, ahead of Oregon State at 5:56.07. Wisconsin won heat three at 5:55.33 and Brown posted the fastest time of the morning in winning heat four at 5:46.38.

The II Varsity eight drew Princeton in its heat and battled the Tigers the whole way. Princeton won, crossing in 5:45.38, to advance straight to the grande final. Washington, a length back in 5:48.68, will have to row in the repechage (second chance) heat Friday morning, in a second effort to move into the final. Princeton made its big move in the third 500 meters and took two or three seats on the Huskies. The two boats moved open water ahead of the field but it was the Tigers who stayed five seats up and posted the first upset of the day in beating the Huskies. Washington entered as a number three seed while Princeton is a four seed.

"There was a strong tailwind and you have to be quick," said Chris Hawkins, who sits four seat in the II Varsity. "You have to be aggressive at the catch and we weren't. Princeton rowed a little bit better than we did. They stayed in our face and took it to us. We learned a tough lesson."

Repechage Heats - Friday, June 2 (all times EST, lanes 1-6 left to right)
Varsity Four

10:24 a.m. Heat 1: Penn, Georgetown-A, Cornell-B, Rutgers, MIT
10:36 a.m. Heat 2: Georgetown-B, Michigan, Brown, Washington, Princeton
10:48 a.m. Heat 3: Navy, Syracuse, G. Washington U., Yale, Boston U.
**Winner of each heat advances to grande final

II Varsity Eight
11:00 a.m. Heat 1: Virginia, Penn, Wisconsin, Michigan
11:12 a.m. Heat 2: Cornell, Dartmouth, Boston U., Northeastern
11:24 a.m. Heat 3: MIT, Drexel, Washington, Navy, Colgate
**Winner of each heat advances to grande final

Men's National Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships
Cooper River (2,000 meters), Camden, N.J.

Day 1 Heat Results
Sunny, warm, tailwind

Men's Varsity Eight
- Heat 1 -
1 California 5:42.90
2 Penn 5:47.20
3 Oregon St. 5:51.20
4 Cornell 5:52.70
5 Rutgers 5:57.60
6 Marist 6:00.80

- Heat 2 -
1 Brown 5:43.70
2 N'eastern 5:47.90
3 Boston U. 5:51.90
4 Virginia 5:55.00
5 Purdue 6:12.10

- Heat 3 -
1 Washington 5:44.81
2 Dartmouth 5:46.09
3 Columbia 5:48.08
4 Stanford 5:58.19
5 Syracuse 6:01.86

- Heat 4 -
1 Wisconsin 5:41
2 Princeton 5:45.74
3 Navy 5:48.1
4 Temple 5:52.57
5 Michigan 6:01.61

Men's Freshman Eight
- Heat 1 -
1 California 5:51.75
2 Oregon St. 5:56.07
3 Syracuse 6:04.25
4 Navy 6:07.22
5 Colgate 6:35.99

- Heat 2 -
1 Washington 5:51.24
2 Cornell 5:53.97
3 N'eastern 5:57.66
4 Penn 6:05.34
5 Cal Irvine 6:09.86

- Heat 3 -
1 Wisconsin 5:55.33
2 Rutgers 6:00.59
3 MIT 6:06.5
4 Virginia 6:10.32
5 Dartmouth 6:12.56

- Heat 4 -
1 Brown 5:46.38
2 Princeton 5:46.51
3 Michigan 6:03.17
4 Columbia 6:30.33

Men's Second Varsity Eight
- Heat 1 -
1 Brown 5:49.59
2 Dartmouth 5:56.94
3 Penn 6.00.81
4 Colgate 6:05.49
5 N'eastern 6:07.31

- Heat 2 -
1 California 5:47.66
2 Wisconsin 5:49.82
3 Navy 5:53.42
4 Cornell 5:54.98
5 Virginia 6:03.23
6 MIT 6:24.85

- Heat 3 -
1 Princeton 5:45.38
2 Washington 5:48.68
3 Boston U. 5:58.2
4 Michigan 6:03.56
5 Drexel 6:14.51

Men's Varsity Fours w/o Cox
- Heat 1 -
1 Harvard 6:18.99
2 Rutgers 6:19.31
3 GW Univ. 6:19.86
4 Princeton 6:24.61
5 Georgetown A 6:40.95
6 Navy 6:45.88

- Heat 2 -
1 Cornell A 6:20.79
2 Washington 6:24.75
3 Cornell B 6:32.75
4 Boston U 6:36.43
5 Michigan 6:38.60
6 Penn 6:55.82

- Heat 3 -
1 Wisconsin 6:19.97
2 Yale 6:22.54
3 Brown 6:22.70
4 Syracuse 6:38.39
5 Georgetown B 6:43.70

Washington Quotes

Bob Ernst (head coach)
"The freshmen and the varsity rowed well today. They did what they were supposed to do. The junior varsity, because there were fewer entries in the field, probably had a little stiffer competiton than the varsity. In the tailwind today, Princeton rowed very, very well. We didn't row as well as we should have today. We've come here and had the jayvees row in the repechage before and they are going to get a chance tomorrow. Fortunately, it's not another race today. They go tomorrow and they'll be just fine. Watching the jayvees comes down in each heat, the top four to five crews look very close together. We are going to have our work cut out for us."

Charles Minnett (six seat, freshman eight)
"It was a relief to finally get out there and race. There has been a lot of buildup to this event. We spend the whole year training for this so it's nice to finally get out there and put all the things Fred (Honebein, frosh coach) has been teaching us onto the water. It's nice to relax and let it fly. I had some nerves, but after the start I settled into it and got caught up in the flow of the race. The nerves quickly subside, then you're just overcome by this wall of fatigue. We had a clean race. We've been working on a lot of different things with Fred and it should all come together now. It's been a learning process. We've been building on every race experience we've had and I think it should come together quite nicely now. "

Ryan Marks (freshman coxswain) "We had our best start of the season. We felt really smooth off the line. It was kind of a no pressure race. We felt relaxed all the way down and kept it going to the line."

Tim Lewis (varsity coxswain)
"We had a really good first 500 meters. We got out open water on the field. It was one of those races where we established our lead and some of the guys were shutting down and some were going 90 percent or full pressure. We just really couldn't get into a good rhythm. We got our lead and then wanted to use as little energy as possible to get down the course. We wanted to save it all for the finals. We never really hit a good rhythm in the last 1,000 meters. As the other crews came back on us, we sat on our lead. We rowed 34 (stroke rate) in the last 1,000 and came across first."

Chris Hawkins (four seat, II Varsity) "That was a tough loss. Now we have to row tomorrow, which is not what you want to do. You want to be as rested as possible for the grand final. Now we have to fight to make it in. We did well off the start, got ahead of Princeton for a few seats. We took our move at the 500 and were stilling going alright there, rowing a bit higher. We were understroking Princeton. But we stopped picking up the boat after our 20."

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