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Jeanie Lindsay
Height: 5'8"
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: DuPont, Wash.
High School: Steilacoom

Who is an athlete you try to emulate?
I try to be like Russell Wilson because he always has a positive attitude and he works hard for what he wants to achieve. He's a real team player and is just an all around cool guy. 

What is your favorite class you have taken at UW?
Gen ST 344 Intro to service and the community and Dance 102 because I love giving back to my community and I had never taken a dance class before UW and it was something very new and fun

What is your favorite memory as a Husky?
During Dawg Daze I stood in the endzone at Husky Stadium and it was one of the coolest feelings in the world. 

What is your rowing background?  What other sports have you played?
I had never rowed before this year, but in high school I swam and played softball. 

If you could be an athlete in another sport, what sport would it be?
I would be a softball player because it has always been one of my favorite games to play.

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