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Sean McMahon
Height: 6'0"
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.

Who is an athlete you try to emulate?
I most try to emulate Apollo Ono, who trains very strictly several hours a day and maintains a strict diet as well.

What is your favorite memory as a Husky?
My favorite memory was running into downtown with ten or so of my teammates after the Seahawks won the Superbowl. We made it to Pikes when literally thousands of fans were running excitedly through the streets!

What is your rowing background?  What other sports have you played?
I rowed for 4 years for my school in Phoenix. I participated in triathlons to be in shape during summers and fall.

If you could be an athlete in another sport, what sport would it be?
I would be a swimmer because it is a similar full body endurance sport that I feel fairly suited to.

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