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Oscar Golberg
Height: 6'3"
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Vancouver, Wash.

Who is an athlete you try to emulate?
Russel Wilson, his work ethic and ability to win.

What is your favorite class you have taken at UW?
Chemistry 152, Political Science 202. I really like the sciences, and Poli Sci is the most interesting non-science class I have taken.

What is your rowing background?  What other sports have you played?
I rowed on and off at Vancouver Lake Crew, started rowing in 7th grade. I played baseball competitively for my high school and on traveling summer teams. 2nd team all-state for baseball my senior year. 

If you could be an athlete in another sport, what sport would it be?
Baseball. I played it my whole life, I love watching it, love playing it.
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