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Husky Ballpark Construction Report - February 28
Release: 02/28/2014
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Washington Assistant AD for Events and Facilities Dan Gaston continues his updates for on the weekly progress made at Husky Ballpark.

The most notable thing now when you stand on the field is that the seating in the stadium is almost complete. They still have four sections of bleachers to put in, but we’re rapidly closing in on putting the finishing touches.

Also, the new scoreboard is up. Workers are running power and cabling to the board, but the actual physical board is up. Right now, it just looks like a big, black screen, but it’s going to be an outstanding addition to the fan experience once it is up and running.

The Field Turf has been finished around the field, although the weather has not been great, and so workers couldn’t do much in the rain last weekend. It’s all sewn together and is basically seamless. They also finished the turf in the player development building this weekend.

Other noticeable details around the ballpark are that workers are starting to put handrails all the way across the ballpark, they started with hanging graphics, so the section ID numbers are up… like section 1, section 16 and such. The way-finding, section labels and directors are also up. All the windows in the press box are now installed.

By the end of the week, we’ll have a lot of the communications and IT cabling terminated and ready to start testing and plugging in. That’s a long process.

Workers finished the structure of the ticket office and put the roof on. They’re getting ready to pour cement to finish it off.

Throughout the exterior, workers finished pouring the porous concrete. We had empty gaps in the concrete where they have filled in with the pours concrete this week. There are nice big stretches of regular concrete, and then porous, which is a different color and texture.  And the porous is there because the water goes down and dissipates underneath, so you have less catch basins and big drains in the facility.

The elevator showed up this week, so they’ve been installing that right now.   Next week workers will start installing the big ‘W’ on the elevator that lights up the shaft.

The berm down the third base line has been shaped to what it will look like. I went over there and it has a really good view; it has a straight shot to home plate. We will eventually be able to put three portable bleachers up there. 

The field is getting really close to being playable, but there are still a few things that make it not quite ready. The dugouts are still unfinished; it’s still a construction site. They put the framing for the seating in, but they still haven’t put in the wood benches that would lend it to actually playing a game.

The team can finally use the whole field to practice though. They have all the foul territory, which by the way we increased the distance between home plate and backstop in the old ballpark, so the seats are actually a little further back than they were before.

Up in the press level and in the concourse, all the TV connections are going in -- wire and tracks. The frames for television have been getting installed. Also in the press level, this weekend they are going to work on prepping the floors and then next week they’ll put the carpet in.

Next week, you’re mostly going to start seeing hardscape changes. So we’ll see landscaping come together, concrete being poured and start to see some of the bigger graphic pieces installed.

We are hoping to have temporary occupancy on March 11, so workers are really going at it hard right now. We’ll start getting keys made as we get closer to having things turned over to us. Right now, we’re on pace for a smooth transition and we can’t wait to see the final product.

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