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Coaches Directory
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Graves Building Box 354070
Seattle, WA 98195-4070

Name Title Phone (206)
Lindsay Meggs Head Coach 616-4335  
Donegal Fergus Assistant Coach 685-7016 donegal
Jason Kelly Assistant Coach 543-2919 jkelly21
Tanner Swanson Assistant Coach  221-5603 tswanny
Taylor Johnson Director of Operations 616-4579 tcj2
Men's Basketball616-8906 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Lorenzo Romar Head Coach 543-5260 jamee
Brad Jackson Assistant Coach 543-2799 coachbj
T.J. Otzelberger Assistant Coach 616-8903 coachtjo
Raphael Chillious Assistant Coach 543-2282 chillr
Daniel Shapiro Strength and Conditioning Coach 543-7396 dshap
Da'Mon Perry Director of Player Development   dperry21
Tiffani Walker Director of Operations 685-9570 twalker1
Kegan Bone Video Coordinator 685-2596 keganb
Jamee Ashburn Administrative Assistant 543-8070 jamee
Pabail Sidhu Analyst, Sports Programs and Business 849-7106 pabail
Women's Basketball    
Name Title Phone (206)
Mike Neighbors Head Coach 543-0732 cfors
Kevin Morrison Associate Head Coach 685-2098 kpmorris
Adia Barnes Assistant Coach 616-8663 adia
Fred Castro Assistant Coach 543-2389 castro11
Jackie Nared Director of Player Development 543-8481 jnared3
Laura Freimuth Director of Basketball Administration 543-2701 lauraf11
Cheryl Forsberg Administrative Assistant 685-9105 cfors
Men's Crew    
Name Title Phone (206)
Michael Callahan Head Coach 543-5249 rowing
Matt Rung 1st Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator    
Maxwell Weaver 2nd Assistant Coach    
Niles Garratt Intern Assistant    
Women's Crew    
Name Title Phone (206)
Bob Ernst Head Coach 543-2136 ernrow
Conor Bullis Assistant Coach 616-1217 rowudub
Colin Sykes Assistant Coach 221-5104 sykesc
Sandy Erickson Director of Operations 543-1117 sericksn
Cross Country    
Name Title Phone (206)
Greg Metcalf Head Coach 543-0811 gmetcalf
Anita Campbell Assistant Coach 543-6644 anitac2
Jason Drake Assistant Coach 543-9880 jzdrake
Name Title Phone (206)
Chris Petersen Head Coach  543-2226 football
Pete Kwiatkowski Defensive Coordinator  543-2223 football
Jonathan Smith
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach  543-2223 football
Chris Strausser
Associate Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach  543-2223 football
Bob Gregory Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach  543-2223 football
Jeff Choate Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach  543-2223 football
Jimmy Lake Defensive Backs Coach  543-2223 football
Brent Pease Wide Receivers Coach  543-2223 football
Keith Bhonapha Running Backs Coach  543-2223 football
Jordan Paopao Tight Ends Coach  543-2223 football
Gerald Alexander Graduate Assistant - Defense  543-2223 football
Hansen Sekona Graduate Assistant - Defense  543-2223 football
Brandon Huppert Program Coordinator - Defense  543-2223 football
Bush Hamden Program Coordinator - Offense  543-2223 football
Joshua Taufalele Graduate Assistant - Offense  543-2223 football 
Kirby Moore Graduate Assistant - Offense  543-2223 football
Timothy Socha Head Strength & Conditioning Coach  543-2223 football
Dustyn Baethke Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach  897-2253 dbaethke
Torre Bechton Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach  543-7396 torrebec
Jeff Bourque Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach  616-6206 jbourque
Mike McDonald Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach  685-7516 mlmd2
Rich Rasmussen Chief Adminstrative Officer  685-2236 rrazz
Mike McHugh Director of Football Operations  221-2896 mmchugh
Marshall Malchow Director of Player Personnel  897-2240 mmalchow
Damon Huard Director of Community Relations  897-2279 dph7
Alisa Mowe Director of Administration  221-2895 abrandle
Aaron Knotts Director of High School Relations  897-2206 abknotts
Justin Glenn Asst. Director of Player Personnel  543-6300 glennj2
Conor Knowles Asst. Director of Football Operations  897-2257 clk24
Deborah Goldstein Program Coordinator  616-1545 dagold
Brian Gundell Manager of Football Graphic Design  685-2510 bgundell
D'Andre Goodwin Recruiting Assistant  543-6842
Andy Polachek Recruiting Assistant  543-2223 polachek
Nick Irving Director of Football Video  616-8966 nickoxt
Chris Mitchell Asst. Director of Football Technology  616-1532 cmitch2
Men's Golf    
Name Title Phone (206)
Matt Thurmond Head Coach 685-7632 mthurm
Michael Wilson Assistant Coach 616-1834  mw12
Laura Carlyle
Director of Operations 360-510-3078 lc38
Women's Golf    
Name Title Phone (206)
Mary Lou Mulflur Head Coach 543-0348 mlmulf
Andrea VanderLende Assistant Coach 543-0348 andreavl
Name Title Phone (206)
Joanne Bowers Head Coach 543-1826 jobowers
David McCreary Associate Head Coach 543-6443 gymagic
Elise Ray Assistant Coach 221-2950 meray
Lauren Moroch Director of Operations 685-1316  lmo29
Men's Soccer    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jamie Clark Head Coach 543-4209 jsclark
Richard Reece Assistant Coach 616-1123 rjreece
Jeff Rowland Assistant Coach 685-1786 jeffrow
Sarah Martinez Director of Operations 221-1951 sarahm05
Women's Soccer    
Name Title Phone (206)
Lesle Gallimore Head Coach 685-3966 lesleg
Amy Griffin Assistant Coach 685-7631 amygriff
Brendan Faherty Assistant Coach 221-2624 bfaherty
Sarah Martinez Director of Operations 221-1951 sarahm05
Name Title Phone (206)
Heather Tarr Head Coach 543-3785 E-Mail
Mike Roberts Assistant Coach 616-8618 mpr21
Ashley Andrews Assistant Coach 543-5872 aeandrew
J.T. D'Amico Assistant Coach 685-3353 E-Mail
Amy LeFurgy Director of Operations 543-6072 alefurgy
Strength & Conditioning    
Name Title Phone (206)
Tim Socha Head Strength & Conditioning Coach    
Henry Ruggiero Dir. of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning 616-8048 hrugg
Torre Becton Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB 221-7396 torrebec
Grey Ruegamer Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB 685-7516 grey51
Mike McDonald Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB    
Jeff Bourque Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB    
Dustyn Baethke Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB    
Daniel Shapiro Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach - MBB 616-2416 dshap
Rose Baker Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach 221-2948  rjbaker
Keith Belton Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach 221-7654 keithb4
Grant Steen Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach 897-2253 gsteen
Lauren McGuigan Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach 221-7654 lmcguig
David Rak Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach TBA davidrak
Men's Tennis    
Name Title Phone (206)
Matt Anger Head Coach 543-1131 manger
Chris Russell Associate Head Coach 685-8937 cruss
Lauren Moroch Director of Operations 685-1316 lmo29
Women's Tennis    
Name Title Phone (206)
Robin Stephenson Head Coach 543-1116 rsteph06
Kurt Clemmons Assistant Coach 972-4757 kurtc3
Lauren Moroch Director of Operations 685-1316 lmo29 
Track & Field    
Name Title Phone (206)
Greg Metcalf Head Coach 543-0811 gmetcalf
Jason Drake Associate Head Coach 543-9880 jzdrake
Anita Campbell Assistant Distance Coach 543-6644 anitac2
T.J. Crater Assistant Throws Coach 616-8086 tjcrater
Pat Licari Assistant Vault/Jumps/Multis Coach 685-7429 licari
Raul Sheen Assistant Sprints/Hurdles/Relays Coach 543-7914 rsheen
Jess Riden Director of Operations 221-4047 jriden
Name Title Phone (206)
Keegan Cook Head Coach 543-0432 washvb
Leslie Gabriel Associate Head Coach 685-7018 ltui
Jonathan Winder Assistant Coach TBA TBA
Jimmy Bowen Director of Operations 543-0432 jrb5151
Sand Volleyball    
Name Title Phone (206)
Keegan Cook Head Coach 543-0432 washvb
Jimmy Bowen Director of Operations 543-0432 jrb5151
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