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For all those who cannot watch the UW-San Jose State game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide yet ANOTHER way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

So Saturday afternoon, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!) and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

We're aiming to start all the action by 12 p.m...Go Dawgs!! Hi all....Brian Tom with you from atop Husky Stadium...not literally on the roof, but as close as you can get. We're 23 minutes away from kicking off the 2006 Husky Football season and I don't know about you...but I'm PUMPED!!!!!! We definitely lucked out with the weather as it's probably in the 80s already and there is not a cloud in the sky or any breeze whatsoever!!!! I'm sorry if you can't be here, because it feels like it could be a great day. I see some of you have already checked in and asked some questions...I'll be answering them throughout the game. Both teams are on the field right now warming up....change that the Huskies are heading up the tunnel....20 minutes on the clock. The band is taking the field.

Dallas, Texas: Go DAWGS! Fresh start, and we need to start off HOT!!!! WIll be listening over the net...thank you UW. Bradley from Dallas Brad...sorry you can't be here. I hope the fans in attendance brought their sun tan lotion.

Kennewick: Will CJ Wallace, and Greyson Gunheim play despite being knicked up? C.J. and Greyson are fine according to the Washington SID staff (who happen to be situated right next to me in the press box). They should be able to play a complete game. I've attended several practices and had chances to talk to the coaches, and big things are expected from Greyson. The coaching staff implemented "gold jerseys" for players that were stellar each day, and if they could, I'm sure Greyson would have worn the uniform everyday.

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach): Bow Down - almost time to get this party started It is almost time. The band has unveiled the flag. Are you ready for some football??? Talking to the players, the best moment of many of their lives is coming out of that tunnel for the first time. I hope the fans are ready to cheer them on!! Great Job Husky band...they are not in their traditional uniforms today....maybe the heat???

Tacoma, Wa: Work sucks! GO HUSKIES!!!! sorry man. I'm glad to have you aboard though. Lou just said, "Hello Dawg Fans!!!!" SJST is coming onto the field...the crowd is booing.... My favorite part of the first game....the Dawgs are coming on the field....I have chills going down my back despite the 80+ degrees. The captains just came on the field HERE COME THE DAWGS!!! Captains for the day are C.J. Wallace, Isaih, Kenny James and Stanley Daniels.... Let's go Huskies....Let's Go Huskies.....the student section seems to be into it, even knowing school doesn't begin for several weeks. San Jose State has won the toss and elected to defer. Huskies will receive and will move their offense towards the open end of Husky Stadium.

Hillsboro, OR: Go DAWGS!! Let's get this game goin'! It's nice to have this internet coverage on days when the game is not televised! Thanks for joining us from Hillsboro...must be tough being a Dawg in Duck and Beaver territory. The Huskies have Roy Lewis by himself for the kickoff. Luke Kravitz is kind of an upman...different, but we'll see. They obviously were kicking away from Lewis and Kravitz was forced to take the kick....good strategy by SJST. Good sign...Isaiah completes his first pass of the season to Corey Williams. Williams has kind of disappeared due to injuries in the past, but all his teammates and coaches are expecting BIG things from him this year. The Huskies are just inches short.

Fort Myers, Florida: Nice that the radio is free on .cstv. Bought an X-M radio just to get the games.... Welcome FLA!!! Hope the weather's ok. Isaiah Sneaks for the first down! Tipped ball intercepted!! We'll see in the replay if he got it....looks like they're going to give it to him. Just a note...Paul Homer was on kickoff. The only true freshman so far to see action.

Mesa, Arizona: so is it Stanback all the way at QB? or does DuRocher get some playing time? I think you'llll see lots of Stanback. DuRocher is third on the depth chart behind Bonnell. A second false start for SJST has them moving the wrong way. The D needs to make a stop...3rd and 8. Sean Flynn can't get by Greyson.....going for a 39-yard FG Good. SJST leads 3-0 with 10:42 on the clock. Hopefully the Dawgs can hold onto the ball and have a sustained drive.

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach): Is crowd into the game at all? Yes....even with the turnover. It's early...wait till the Dawgs get some momentum. No room for Roy Lewis on the returns. As an ex-Spartan, I'm sure his former teammate were "happy" to say hello.

Mesa, Arizona: nice job by the D, stopped the drive and held them to 3. Agreed. SJST just got a delay of game for trying to mess Washington up by yelling out cadences. Huskies Show the OPTION!!!! Nice Beautiful pass by Isaiah to Sonny Shackelford...he takes a wallop but holds on. Another option to Kenny....gain of 4. Looks like the Huskies are looking to make IS a weapon running.

Mesa, Arizona: next week should be awesome. I can't wait to play Oklahoma. I'm not quite ready to get ahead of my self...but Norman should be fun. The Huskies have run the same option right three times with IS giving the ball up to Kenny....

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: Who are the radio commentators? Bob Rondeau and Chuck Nelson with Elise Woodward on the sidelines.

oak harbor: hey do you think that the huskies have the talent to pull the upset and place in the top three in the PAC-10? If Isaiah plays like a senior and the O-line keeps blocking like they are right now, definitely. We'll have to stay healthy. TOUCHDOWN KENNY JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Huskies 7, SJST 3....17-yd TD by Kenny James caps 9 play, 79-yard drive.

Campbell (Lexington, Ky.): Offense getting into a groove! Welcome Kentucky!!!! Say hi to Rich Brooks....This was a great way for the Huskies offense to respond to the turnover. Kenny was shoved down the throats of the SJST defense and he responded very positively.

Tacoma, WA: When Marcel Reese gets in there he is gonna tear it up. Would like to see some Jake Locker action too. Marcel has seen some action, but no Locker sightings!@!! Braunstein kicked it through the endzone...very positive sign for the special teams.

Fontana, CA: THAT'S what I want to hear! Is there any way to watch this broadcast online? Go Huskies!! We'll have a video stream online this Tuesday from 5 p.m. to midnight. It will be a combination of the jumbotron feed with KJR broadcast... Matt Fountaine just had a great jump on the ball.....but it was even poorly thrown to him. Tafralis in at QB for SJST now...overthrow on third and four...Dawgs should get the ball back. Marlon Wood is back for the punt

new york, new york: time for the defense to shine!!! Start spreading the news..... Just a quick note....two Husky true Freshman have played, both on special teams...Donald Butler and Paul Homer.

Greg (Redondo Beach, CA): this is great coverage (internet radio, gamecast, and this chat board). Is this going to be free all-seasaon? If so i found my new gameday spot! Thanks. Thanks Greg....our plan for home games is to have the previously mentioned trifecta of coverage. Paul Homer was in as a fullback and Louis Rankin was the RB on the first play. Nice run by Louis....but he dropped the ball while fighting for an extra yard. 12 yard gain and it took 3 guys to get him down... Daniel Te'o Nesheim just missed a sack...our defensive ends look solid this year. EJ Savannah and Brandon Ala came THIS close to a sack...instead 15-yard completion... Dashon Goldson's in the game for the first time today.

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: Is replay in effect today? Every play is technically reviewable. Coaches can call timeout once per game and ask for a review. Spartans just miss in the corner of the Endzone....they'll go for a32-yard FG GOOD....21-seconds left in the first...UW 7, SJST 6. Kenny James back in for the UW. END OF FIRST QUARTER....Two turnovers for the Dawgs has led to 6 SJST points. We'll need to take care of the rock a little better. But, the second drive for the Dawgs was very encouraging. Huskies are going to have to punt for the first time this year.... GREAT KICK SEAN DOUGLAS...he can be a real weapon for the defense this year. 50-yards on his first punt of the year. Just a note...Brandon Ala looks really, really fast out there!

Oak Harbor: statistically, how does SJST compare to UW? I suggest following alon on the game tracker...but right now the Huskies have 62 yards rushing, SJST 22...Passing, UW 50, SJST 68...the key is the Huskies have 2 turnovers.

Greg (Redondo Beach, CA): have they announced an attendance yet (probably too early), but what does it look like - decently full or no? No announcement, but it looks like a nice crowd that is really pulling for the Dawgs. TOUCHDOWN LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIS RANKIN! Amazing run of 34 yards of weaving in and out of traffic. I LOVE connection in the editor system is SLOW right now....

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: Swweeeeeett run Louis Sweet Lou...haven't heard that in a couple years since the M's.

Tacoma, WA: What do you all think about college football doing reviews now. I personally think it is great. I think as long as the calls are right, I'm in favor for it.

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: With that run, Husky RB's are over 100 yards on the ground in early in the 2nd qtr - KEWL 110 total....Kenny has 42 and Louis has 60...both have TD's. The pair should be a nice little combo this year.

Mesa, Arizona: I like the Rankin, James combo. Add Stanback and we have a deadly trio. CHRIS Stevens off the right tackle for the sack!!!! Ducks and Stanford are tied at 3-3 early in the 2nd quarter. The only Pac-10 head-to-head game going on.

OH, Wa: Brian, do you think that IS will get into the passing game more or do you think that the Dawgs are going to be more of a ground attack team?? We're going to mix it up as much as possible. We're going to take what we can.....turnover number three for the Dawgs...hard hit after a nice catch by TE Gottlieb.

Oak Harbor, WA: How is the secondary looking?? Looking pretty good. Are bending but not breaking. The front seven is doing a great job of pressuring the QB and making him try to beat the Husky secondary quickly. Tafalis looks like a solid QB. Huskies make another big stop on third....SJST will have to make a call on whether or not to go for it on 4th and about 2 feet.

OH, Wa: Is white frisbee playing today?? He has not played yet. SJST going for a 45-yard FG. GOOD!!! 6:33 left in the 2nd, UW 14, SJST 9.

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: These turnovers are INSANE!!! Crazy, huh? Three FG's off 3 Husky Turnovers. The crowd is doing the "Go Huskies" chant from the North and South sides....sounds really good to hear that...and it's LOUD!! Looks like the Huskies will have a 4th and 3....from the 29. They will probably go for it. IS kept the ball around the right's going to be another Husky first down.

Mesa, Arizona: aside from the turnovers, the offense looks real sharp. Yes, they do. Looks like this drive, they're really trying to get IS into the flow. He's passing and running a bunch. Huskies 137 rushing yards, SJST 15. IS was just sacked. Huskies had to burn their last timeout. Third and six with 26-seconds to go and the ball on the 21. By the's really hot today!!! TD KENNNNNNNNNNYYYYYY JAMMMMMMMMMMMMESSSSSS....pass from IS for 21-yd TD. First career Receiving TD for James.....Huskies lead 21-9 with :21 seconds to go. 13 plays, 81-yards, 6-minutes and 21-second drive....Nice Drive for the Dawgs....

Oak Harbor, WA: Love The Horn The Sweet Sound of Success!!!

Mesa, Arizona: great 1st half for both Stanback and James. I'd have to agree...Greyson and the rest of the D-Line was the story of the first half for the Dawgs. Updated stats are on the Gametracker...If you can't find the gametracker, go the Husky football schedule and click on the game tracker link under the Time/Results: I'm going to take a break for halftime....everyone enjoying this? I am.

Paul (Visalia, CA): Love the coverage...i was hoping there would be radio coverage online. There is!!! On, go to the Multimedia page, find football and live events. ONe of the problems is that Mac User are left out in the dark, unless they have Boot Camp...and dial up users...good luck. Are there any Mac users out there?? We use them in our office, but fortunately as the internet content editor, I also use a PC.

Mesa, Arizona: I am enjoying it as well. Especially with the DAWGS on top! That's my favorite part also. I'm on my second hot dog of the day and 15th Diet Pepsi...I'm ready to go again. Did I mention how warm it is today???? It's just gorgeous though. I'm sure in October and November, I'll be missing these kind of days as I'm bundled up in my winter coat and my long johns....I think September is probably the best month of the year weather wise in Seattle. Plus it's football season!!!

Mike (in Upstate NY): Any plans for live streaming video? We cannot stream football video live because we don't own the rights to live football broadcasts. We will have a replay that is a splice of the KJR radio broadcast and Husky Tron feed. The replay will be available Tuesdays from 5 pm until midnight. If I say myself...terrible pass interference call on Fountaine. He didn't do anything!

Mike: having to scroll all the way down every time the screen refreshes is tedious. Any way to reverse the order - show the messages with the latest on top? I don't know....we'll have to look into that. No call on an offensive hold of are letting the refs have it. SJST option right...taking a play out of the Husky book. First and goal...we'll see how the Huskies can hold them. TD San Jose State....Tafalis to Jones, 3-yard, PAT good. UW leads 21-16. Looks like SJST's kicker is down after the PAT. By the way, try hitting the End button to get to the bottom of your page or on a Mac, Command and the Down arrow. No. 30 David Eisenhauer kicking off for SJST. I just realized that the extra point was wide right...sorry. The correct score is UW 21, SJST 15. IS has tons of time. When he does he's pulling the ball down and running. If he makes that decision just a little quicker, he might be able to get a few extra yards. As I write this, IS made a great spin move to get 4 yards on 3rd and 1.

J.R. Wolfork Buenos Aires, Argentina: I love this. Being so far away and still being able to see keep up with the game. Brian How s it going? Hey J.R.!!!! You're in Argentina! Hope that's fun. J.R., great fumble recovery against WSU last year! We miss you on special teams this year gunning down the field.

J.R. Wolfork Buenos Aires, Argentina: Have any of you guys heard the Husky Nation Album Yet? IS is now 14-of-17 for 158 yards and 1 TD and 1 INT on a tipped pass. IS just threw out of reach to Marcel Reece in the end zone...he was wide open. 3rd and goal TOUCHDOWN ISAIAH STANBACK....designed QB draw up the gut. 6-yard TD, PAT good, Huskies 28-15 with 5:10 left in the third. Captain Husky leading section 8 in the Husky spellout....Barry Erickson is the guy behind the mask...he's on the Tyee Board and a GREAT HUSKY!!!

Mesa, Arizona: Brian, how much do you atribute the success of the offense to San Jose St. just not being a good team and how much to you atribute to the offense just really playing well? The offense, when they hold onto the ball, has been really solid. Yes, SJST might be finding their identity on defense, but the Huskies are likewise trying to find their offensive identity. Overall, a very solid start for the Dawgs on offense...I'm sure Coach Willingham won'g be happy about the turnovers. Chris Stevens is everywhere in the backfield. Adam Tafralis is scrambling for his life. By the way all, with about 8 minutes left in the game, I'm taking off and handing the reins over to Misty Tucci from the UW SID all will be in very capable hands! We are having a live web stream of Tyrone Willingham's press conference from the Founder's Club and I've got to go set that up. We'll also have player interviews posted'll be hearing my voice for those.

J.R. Wolfork Buenos Aires, Argentina: Yeah man So Im missing Husky Football bigtime now. But Im a Husky for LIFE. I got the chills this morning thinking about it. It sounds like a great day for football. It is a great day J.R....wish you were here. Attendance today is 52,256 today...they are getting treating to a great offensive show from IS, Kenny J., Louis Rankin and the O-line. Beautiful throw by IS to Russo into tight coverage...looked like pass interference by SJST, but what a pass... Huskies will have to punt again...let's hope Sean can pin them deep. WHAT A PUNT....took a bounce on the one, and bounced left to the 2...42 yard punt. Chris Stevens, a defensive end, is playing gunner on special teams...that should tell you something about his speed.

Mesa, Arizona: Brian, which player(s) do you think will be big surprises this year? Brandon Ala, Dan Howell, Daniel Te'o Nesheim on out for Corey Williams, Ben Ossai on offense. The Husky legend today is Chico Fraley...he was the man back in the 90's. End of third quarter, Huskies lead 28-15.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: How are the Huskies looking so far now that the game is coming to the end of quarter? I personally am happy with the way the offense has looked, except for the 3 turnovers. But all those turnovers were made while guys were making an extra effort to get yards. The Defense looks strong...I'm especially impressed by the D-Line...they are raising so much havoc, we haven't heard the linebacker's names called much. Now whether this is because our team is so good or SJST is a lesser opponent has yet to be seen. But, these Dawgs are not the same Dawgs of the past two years and the toughness that the coaching staff has preached all fall is really showing. Fumble by SJST, but they get it back. And after the play the Huskies picked up a perosonal foul.....probably the worse part is that Roy Lewis had to come off the field favoring his leg. By the way, SJST QB Adam Tafralis has been very solid. He has some speed and doesn't make many mistakes. He's 16-21 passing, 144 yards.

Mesa, Arizona: the guy on the radio, keeps wanting to call John Broussard for SJST Ben Broussard. He's been watching to much Mariner baseball. Ichiro is in at defensive back for SJST....he has to catch a flight to Tampa after the game. They're showing Duck highlights on the Husky Tron...the fans are booing of course!! I'm about to have Diet Pepsi number 21... IS has 95 yards rushing now. Huskies are going for it on fourth and five. Incomplete...SJST ball.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: From what you have said about the D-line. I think Huskies' D-line may surprise some people especially doubters this season! I hope you're right. You going to make the trip from Kansas to Oklahoma?

dawgEstyle (Hermosa Beach):: could have two 100 yard rushers today - wouldn't that be something? That would be good. By the way, Roy Lewis is back on the field. ALL, I have to sign off and go set up for the post-game. Tune if for the Press Conference on the Dawg Channel all-access. Thanks for all the great questions...Brian Tom ( SJST TD ... 50-yard reception by James Jones... UW 28, SJST 22. Nice return by Roy Lewis out to the 31 yard line. TOUCHDOWN LOUIS RANKIN!!! A 68-yarder on the first play of the drive... UW 35, SJST 22. UW now has 296 yards on the ground for four TDs! Way to go Dawgs!! The play is being reviewed... The play stands... SJST on the 48 yeard line, second and one.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Awesome!! How much yard has Rankin rushed so far? Rankin has rushed for 148 yards on nine carries ... he's averaging 16.4 yards per carry. TD SJST ... a six yard reception by James Jones from Adam Tafralis in the left side of the end zone... UW 35, SJST 29. IS now has 102 yards rushing on 17 carries... he is 16-for-25 with 168 total yards today.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: *groans* San Jose St is inching closer. Huskies need one more good drive to hold them off Only :29 seconds left... SJST on their own 20 ... UW SACK BY BRANDON ALA FOR A LOSS OF THREE!! GAME OVER!!! HUSKIES WIN!!! HUSKIES WIN!!! Final score: UW 35, SJST 29. Thanks to all of you for taking part in our first Game Day Dawg Chat. Please check-in with livestats to get all of the numbers on your favorite players. Also, tune in for postgame interviews between Brian Tom and our players and Coach Willingham. All interviews will be posted on the web site.

Flower Mound, TX: Can't wait to head to Norman, OK next week to see the Dawgs!!! Safe travels to all of the Husky faithful who will be making the trip to Norman to support the Dawgs next week. Thanks again for making this chat possible and I hope to hear from you again next time when Washington hosts Fresno State on Sept. 16.

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